Mission Statement

The College of Visual and Performing Arts at NIU is a vibrant and active arts community consisting of a faculty of arts scholars and practitioners of national and international stature who engage a focused undergraduate and graduate student body recruited and retained for their capacities to explore, inquire, create, learn and take maximum advantage of faculty expertise. Together, faculty and students form a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to life-long learning whose collective activities accomplish the following through creation of, analysis of, and reflection on the arts:

Arts Students

The pursuit and development of student strengths through curricular and co-curricular experiences built upon an understanding of both process and impact and guided by the needs of the arts professions

Arts Students and Faculty

Creation, over time, of a summative body of work whose impact is recognized at the highest levels of the profession

Arts Faculty

Exploration of diverse concepts and applications of the arts through individual effort and collegial interaction across the arts and other disciplines that elicits new modes of inquiry and practice

All Students

Exploration and appreciation of the arts, especially their centrality and capacity to communicate the diversity of the human experience in unique ways through curricular and co-curricular experiences

Community at Large

Partnering and programming at the local, regional, national and international level that enhances active student learning and faculty scholarship and artistry, resulting in outreach activities that enrich the lives of all citizens while showcasing the college and university.