Mothers Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2018 Recipients:

  • Sarah Castle (B.A. student in Political Science & Philosophy)
  • JoAnn LoSavio (Ph.D. student in History, Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate)

2016 Recipients:

  • Autumn C. James (Ph.D. student in Geography, Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate)
  • Amanda Roberts (Ph.D. student in English, Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate)
  • Laura Vivaldo Cholula (B.A. student in Political Science, Latino and Latin American Studies minor)

2015 Award Recipients:

  • Rebekah Guillotte (B.A. student in Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies minor, CLCE minor)
  • Peyton Gunnison (B.S. student in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Applied Mathematics Science minor)
  • Elisabeth Unruh (Ph. D. student in History, Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate)

2014 Award Recipients:

  • Clara Louis (Ed.D. student in Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, Women's Studies graduate certificate)
  • Gladys Sanchez (B.A. student in Special Education)

2013 Award Recipients:

  • Christine Valdez (Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology)
  • Lauren Armendariz-Bast (B.A student in Spanish, Women's Studies and Military Science minors)
  • Alyssa Thomson (B.S. student in Nursing, Spanish and Nutrition minors)

2012 Award Recipients:

  • Victoria Kothrade, undergraduate award, History
  • Natalie Santiago-Bidne, graduate award, English and Women's Studies

2011 Award Recipients:

  • Gabrielle Wright, undergraduate award, Broadcast Journalism and International Politics

2010 Award Recipients:

  • Diana Juarez, undergraduate award, Communication
  • Amanda Cox, undergraduate award, Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences

2009 Award Recipients:

  • No scholarships awarded

2008 Award Recipients:

  • Maimouna Konate, graduate award, Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
  • Carrie Lloyd, graduate award, Psychology
  • Lucy Sosa, graduate award, Sociology

2007 Award Recipients:

  • Heather Samariniotis, undergraduate award, Sociology
  • Austin Sawicki , graduate award, Anthropology

2006 Award Recipients:

  • Catherine (Cassie) Nimerfroh, undergraduate award, Political Science
  • Nicole Ping, undergraduate award, Sociology
  • Lisa Kay, graduate award, Art Education

2005 Award Recipients (first awards):

  • Nadine Thornton, undergraduate award, Nursing
  • Janet Goeking-Stoddard, graduate award, History
  • Melissa Jackson, undergraduate honorable mention, History
  • Michelle Stocker, graduate honorable mention, Applied Family and Child Studies