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The faculty associates of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality (CSWGS) is a working committee formed to ensure the interdisciplinary nature, development, and continuity of the CSWGS program. Faculty Associates are drawn from the various colleges of the university. They conduct meetings and pursue activities at their discretion. Ordinarily, Faculty Associates are expected to support the program by attending at least two program events during an academic year.

Eligibility for appointment as a faculty associate

A faculty or SPS member who wishes to participate actively in the CSWGS may, upon the approval of their application, be designated as a faculty associate of CSWGS. Evidence of active participation includes inter alia the following:

  • teaching a core course in the program;
  • teaching or proposing special topics courses in, or cross listed with, the program;
  • engaging in significant research and publishing in gender or sexuality studies;
  • directing program-relevant independent studies in the applicant’s fields of expertise;
  • participating in curriculum integration/interdisciplinary efforts related to women, gender, and/or sexuality studies;
  • serving as a resource for other faculty and students interested in sexuality- or gender-related research in the applicant’s areas of expertise;
  • presenting work related to women, gender, and/or sexuality studies in colloquia;
  • participating regularly in program-relevant discussion groups.


Throughout the academic year, the director of CSWGS shall solicit from the current members of the faculty associates and the CSWGS Governance Council as well as from others across the university the names of faculty to be invited to apply for designation as a faculty associate. People may also self-nominate by emailing CSWGS at Nominees shall be invited to present their credentials to the CSWGSS Governance Council for its majority approval. Decisions will be made as applications are submitted throughout the year. 


Ordinarily, faculty associates shall serve staggered five-year terms. An associate who is completing their term may reapply for reappointment as an associate. Acceptance will be determined by the needs of the program.

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