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Faculty Associates

Learn more about Faculty Associate status and how to become an associate of our center.

Christina Abreu (CSWGS Associate)
Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
Research: The role of race, nationalism, and migration in the Cuban and Spanish Caribbean diasporic communities of the United States with a particular emphasis on popular culture. 

Larissa (Lacie) Barber (WGST Associate)
Research: Workplace flexibility and work-home boundary management (work-life balance); workplace stress and health behaviors (specifically sleep), self-regulation/self-control; counterproductive work behaviors; work engagement and burnout; emotional labor (emotion regulation at work); personality in the workplace.

Scott Balcerzak (LGBT Associate)

Research: Film and literature; feminst and queer theory; sexuality and popular culture; gender and performance; the history of sexuality; and digital studies.

Sinclair Bell (LGBT and WGST Associate)
Art History
Research: Etruscan and Roman material culture and art, especially its social history; Renaissance reception and contemporary theorization; gender and ancient art.

Alexandra Bennett (WGST Associate)
Research: 16th and 17th century drama; writings of and about early modern women; Shakespeare; modern theater and drama by women.

Georgia Brown (WGST Associate)
Computer Science
Research: Game programming.

Kate Cady (WGST Associate)
Research: Public representations of working women, postindustrial economics, and feminism in the late 20th century U.S.; contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism; cultural studies.

Randy Caspersen (LGBT Associate)
Research: Film and video work with gay sensibilities; media studies; film, television and video production; screenwriting.

Cassandra Crawford (CSWGS Associate)
Research: The modernization of amputation; historical (psychological and medical) and contemporary (biomedical) constructions of phantom limb syndrome; prosthetic technologies; the sociology of pain; contemporary theories of embodiment; qualitative research methods; gender/women’s/feminist/masculinities studies; and critical race studies.

Suzanne E. Degges-White (WGST Associate)
Counseling, Adult and Higher Education (Chair)
Research: women's development throughout the lifespan; women's wellness; ways women deal with life transitions and aging.

Aaron Spencer Fogleman (WGST Associate)
Research: The Atlantic World, 1492-1860's; French Swiss and German couple traveling from Europe to the Americas from the 1720's to the 1770's.

Reva Freedman (WGST Associate)
Computer Science
Research: AI and computational linguistics, including discourse and dialogue planning; shallow (but not superficial) text generation; mixed-initiative and multi-modal systems; knowledge representation for tutoring and causal reasoning; declarative formalisms; dialogue annotation and analysis; and Linguistics, including romance and semitic linguistics.

Courtney Gallaher (Joint Appointment with CSWGS and Geography)
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality/Geography
Research:Food security; crop and soil science; urban agriculture; environmental risks.

Valerie Garver (WGST Associate)
Research: Cultural, social and religious history of the Carolingian Empire, particularly the history of women, family, gender and material culture.

LaVerne Gyant (WGST Associate)
Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Research: African American women in business and hospitality industry; development as sisters; adult participation in and contributions to adult education.

Janet Hathaway (WGST Associate)
Research: Devotional music in public ceremonies in 17th-century Madrid, and music and identity in early modern Spanish convents.

Becqui Hunt (CSWGS Associate)
Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Research: Diversity in technology; diversity in teaching; educational technology; library science.

Trude Jacobsen (LGBT Associate)
History/Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Research: Sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in Southeast Asia; processes of justice and reconciliation in non-western contexts; historical anthropology; mental health in colonial contexts in Asia; the role of material culture in constructing or reconstructing identities.

Katy Jaekel (CSWGS Associate)
Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Research: First-year student experience, LGBTQ students experience in the classroom, and novice postsecondary educators’ preparation, training, and development.

Joanna Kot (WGST Associate)
Foreign Languages and Literatures (Russian)
Research: Experimental modernist drama, early 20th -century feminist drama, and theories of modernity. 

Melissa Lenczewski (WGST Associate)
Environmental Studies (Director), Geology
Research: Biodegration and sorption of MTBE and Ethanol in fine-grain materials from northern Illinois and Mexico; Lacustrine clays from Chalco Basin, Mexico; vegetation and microbial community changes from Maquis to Rainforest, New Caledonia; spatial distribution microorganism associated with biodgreadtion of TCE; microbial ecology of prairie grass soils.

Amy K. Levin (CSWGS Associate, Emeritus)
Research: Literature by women, especially British and African-American women; museums, narratives, and culture.

Amanda Littauer (Joint appointment with CSWGS and History)
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality/History
Research: Women, girls and non-marital sexuality between 1941-1962.

Lichuan Liu (WGST Associate)
Electrical Engineering
Research: Wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, and inter-vehicle.

Jimmie Manning (LGBT Associate)
Research: Meaning-making in and about relationships; relational discourses; constitutive pragmatism; new media and computer-mediated communication.

Margo Milano (WGST Associate)
Family and Child Studies
Research: Check back.

Beth Miller (WGST Associate)
Family and Child Studies
Research: Feminist teaching; work and family issues; faculty development.

Kirk Miller (CSWGS Associate)
Sociology (Chair)
Research: Questions of social control as process and outcome, with special attention to the criminal justice system as a focus for race, class, and gender inequalities. 

Nina Mounts (WGST Associate)
Research: Children’s social development from childhood through adolescence; parent-child and peer relationships; peer influence processes during adolescence.

Kristen Myers (Director of CSWGS)
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality, Director; and Sociology, Presidential Teaching Professor
Research: The ways that Black and white women work to overcome racism; the ways that gay and lesbian police officers negotiate gender expectations at work; the ways that people talk about race in private; the ways that positionality affects qualitative research; how to teach inequality.

Helen Nagata (WGST Associate)
Art History
Research: Japanese art, including images of women, female visual artists and authors, and the world of pleasure quarters as depicted (or not) in Edo-period woodblock prints and paintings.

Z Nicolazzo (CSWGS Associate)
Higher Education and Student Affairs
Research: Mapping gender across collegiate contexts; gender in higher education, particularly the experiences of trans* collegians; college student activism; and intersectionality, particularly students’ experiences of the intersections of race, disability, and gender identity. 

Brad Peters (LGBT Associate)
Research: Writing across curriculum; writing program administration; history of rhetoric; medieval English mystics.

Jane Rheineck (LGBT Associate)
Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Research: Lesbian's career development; the implications of counseling lesbian and gay individuals; youth at risk; gender identity and expression in lesbians; career transition for women in midlife.

Robert Ridinger (LGBT Associate)
University Libraries
Research: Retrieval of local gay and lesbian history; the growth and development of the leather/levi subculture; uses of language made as part of the LGBT movement.

Mark Rosenbaum (LGBT Associate)
Research: Consumer behavior in service settings; social marketing; health-related marketing; LGBTIQ consumer behavior.

Linda Saborio (WGST Associate)
Foreign Languages and Literature (Spanish)
Research: Latina/o and Mexican theater, culture studies, film, and performance studies; Latina/o and Mexican transborder plays and the performance of race in works by playwrights like Milcha Sanchez-Scott, Rascon Banda, Cherrie Moraga, and Coco Fusco; and theater by Elena Garro, Sabina Berman, and Lisa Loomer as well as some earlier works by Mexican playwrights.

Brad Sagarin (LGBT Associate)
Research: Attitude change; resistance to persuasion; deception, jealousy, and infidelity; evolutionary psychology; human sexuality; statistical approaches to missing data and non-compliance.

Brian Sandberg (WGST Associate)
History/CLAS Associate Dean for Research
Research: Intersections of religion, violence, and political culture in early modern history, especially during the European wars of religion; religious violence, gender, and noble culture during the French Wars of Religion.

Kryssi Staikidis (WGST Associate)
Art Education
Research: Indigenous pedagogy; art studio practice as a site for research; and visual culture/critical pedagogy in the classroom.

Diana Swanson (Joint appointment with CSWGS and English)
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality/English
Research: Virgina Woolf; British women novelists; lesbian writers; feminist criticism and theory; history of sexuality; literature and play; literary genre and the social construction of self; gender and sexuality; eco-feminism.

Sharon Sytsma (CSWGS Associate, Emeritus)
Research: Ethical theory (especially Kant's ethics and theories of moral motivation); biomedical ethics; intersexuality.

Tharaphi Than (WGS Associate)
Foreign Languages and Literatures (Burmese)
Research: Women of Burma and Southeast Asia, print media and migration.

Toni Tollerud (LGBT Associate, Emeritus)
Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Research: Counseling LGBT people; LGBT youth; spirituality issues; supervision; retirement issudes for LGBT people. 

Miriam van Mersbergen (WGST Associate)
Speech and Language Pathology
Research: The interaction between voice and emotion, specifically how emotional states, temperament, and regulation affect vocal output in healthy adults and in adults with behavioral voice disorders.

Laura Vazquez (WGST Associate)
Research: Gender and media; documentary video production; autobiographical film and video; web design.

Carol Walther (CSWGS Associate)
Research: The influence of the state upon how people interact with governmental forms; the influence of religion on settlement patterns of same-gender couples.

Corrine Wickens (CSWGS Associate)
Literacy Education
Research: Intersections of sexuality and schooling, adolescent literacy, and young adult literature.

Kerith Woodyard (WGST Associate)
Research: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; Women's Rhetorical History.

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