Fee Schedule

Fees subject to be passed through onto our members include but not limited to: ATM/debit; card expedite, card recovery, international transaction and surcharge fees. Certified/express/overnight mail, check ordering, foreign check deposits, incorrect social security number, Secretary of State correction/title registration fees. Rates changes are effective August 1, 2018.

Annual fees are charged February 1 of each year.


Type Amount
Auto overdraft transfer $5
Closing a share savings
(within 180 days of opening)
Daily overdrawn fee $5
Dormant fee
(quarterly: waived if 1,500 is maintained in savings/activity within membership)
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee
(per each item: ACH, ATM/debit. share drafts)
Paper statements $3
Research fee
(per hour: one hour minimum)
Shares under minimum balance
(per month)
Stop payment on check(s)
(per item/continuous series)


Type Amount
ATM/debit card replacement $10
ATM foreign withdraw - with e-statements
(per withdraw)
ATM foreign withdraw - with paper-statements
(per withdraw)
CU Money Everyday Spend card(s) $6
CU Money reloads ($10-$5,000) $3
Gift cards ($10-$1,000) $4


Type Amount
Defer-a-Payment fee $25
Home equity line of credit
(loans issued prior to 2011: annual fee of $20 applies)
Home equity subordination $100
Loan payment late fee (9 days grace)
Loans issued prior to February 1, 2015: late fee of $10 applies
Signature line of credit annual fee $25
Overdraft protection line of credit annual fee $25
Mini loan application fee $20
Returned loan payment $35


Type Amount
Garnishment/levy $35
GAP $199
Returned deposit item: third-party check $5
Return deposit item: self $35
Returned mail (per item: first item returned fee waived) $10

Service Charges

Type Amount
Duplicate statements $7
Domestic wire fee $25
International wire fee $40
Money orders (max of $1,000 per money order) $2
Non-member check cashing $10
Stamps (per book/each) $10/$.50
Cashiers check fee  $2 (if payable to third-party)
Copy of cleared cashiers check $5
Stop payment on cashiers check $30
Temporary checks (4 per page) $2

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