Are you in the market for a new car, looking to remodel your home or ready to refinance high interest rate debt? Whatever your borrowing needs are, we are here to help! Try our payment calculator to estimate how much your loan payments will be.


It's easy with our new online loan application. If you are an NIU employee, please fill out an NIU Human Resources Income Verification formIf you work outside NIU we will need proof of your income via your last two pay stubs, most recent W-2 or bank statements showing two or more regular direct deposit.

Loan processing takes approximately 24-48 hours to return a response on your request. We make every effort to determine how we can help your financial well-being and in the instance we are not able to offer the loan requested, we will sometimes counter-offer a product or service we feel would help you.

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Loan Types

Once you've found the car or truck of your dreams, the next step is finding the right auto loan. We have great auto loan rates!

Additional Required Documentation

New Auto Loan

  • Buyers order/ bill of sale
  • Vehicle Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
  • Note: "new" auto has never been titled

Used Auto Loan

  • Buyers order/ bill of sale
  • We finance Certified Pre-owned vehicles! Be sure to have the dealer indicate on the buyers order the vehicle is certified pre-owned.

For used vehicles years 2009-2019 we can loan up to 100 percent of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) listed clean retail value, 2008 and older up to 90 percent of NADA clean retail value (a minimum value of $5,000 is required)

Auto Refinance

  • Ten-day payoff quote
  • Institutions name and address of where we need to mail funds
  • You will be responsible for the $95 title fee to place Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union as lien holder on the vehicle. You may pay that up front or roll this fee into the loan.
  • Our lowest loan interest rate!
  • Funds on deposit at the credit union are held as collateral during the loan
  • Excellent way to build or establish credit history
  • Loan minimum $5,000
  • Loan maximum $50,000
  • Variable rate tied to prime rate as determine by the "money section" of the Wall Street Journal
  • Rate subject to change semi-annually
  • Minimum rate four percent
  • Maximum rate 15 percent
  • Loan to value ratio 80 percent
  • 15-year plan
  • Seven-year draw/eight-year repayment
  • Interest-only payments the first seven years (or $100 monthly minimum)
  • $25 annual fee/$25 application fee
  • Closing costs $300
  • Loan minimum $5,000
  • Loan maximum $50,000
  • Fixed rates and terms between five to 15 years
  • Loan to value ratio 90 percent
  • $25 application fee
  • Closing costs $300

  • Must be employed with NIU at least two years
  • $500-$750
  • Six semi-monthly payments (three months)
  • Payroll deduction
  • $20 application fee
  • No credit check

  • Individual maximum gross monthly income plus $3,000 (maximum for any borrower(s) is $13,000)
  • One to 48 months term
  • Generally no collateral required
  • $5,000 maximum credit limit
  • $25 annual fee assessed February 1 of each year
  • $50 monthly payment due
Fill out a Debt Consolidation Worksheet. You may drop off, email or fax completed forms to accurately determine debts not including what you intend to pay specific merchants.
  • Maximum of $7,500
  • Proceeds will be made payable to creditors and accounts are requested to be closed (no option)
  • One to 48 months term
With an overdraft protection loan funds are advanced to a credit union checking account to cover items when funds are not sufficient in the account.
  • Maximum of $500
  • $25 annual fee assessed February 1 of each year
  • Funds automatically advanced in $50.00 increments
  • $50 monthly payment due the last day of the month (when you carry a balance or your current balance if less than $50)
  • No limits on how many times it will transfer

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