Type of Accounts


Regular Share (Savings)

Share savings account is a basic account at the credit union that pays interest on your funds, providing a safe place for you to store your money. Opening a share account establishes your membership (or ownership) in the credit union and makes you eligible to use share draft checking, our loan products and other exclusive services.

  • Required to establish your membership
  • Minimum $25 balance required
  • Basic savings account
  • Earns dividends (interest)
  • Limit of six electronic transaction per month

Share Draft (Checking)

A share draft account allows you to frequently make withdrawals and payments.

  • No opening deposit required
    • An opening deposit will ONLY be requried if you choose to order checks from us
  • No minimum balance
  • Free Visa ATM/debit card
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Save My Change
  • No transaction limitations

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are safe investments that pay a higher interest rate than a share savings account. When you open a CD, you'll choose how long you want to keep your funds "locked up". We offer six or 12 month terms.

  • Minimum $500 required to open
  • Fixed-term investment (six or 12 months)


The holiday account is a great way to set aside funds throughout the year via manual deposits or through payroll deductions for holiday expenses.

  • Save money for the holidays
  • Minimum $5 balance required
  • Earns dividends (interest)
  • Funds are automatically transferred/mailed to you on October 1st


The club account like a holiday account is designed to help you set aside funds for any number of monthly or early expenses (i.e., home improvements, taxes or auto repairs). You will easily be able to keep track of that balance without having to log into a separate account.

  • Save money in a separate account for monthly/early expenses
  • Minimum $5 balance required
  • Earns dividends (interest)
  • You get to name the account



Account Type Rate*
Share savings .01%
Club .01%

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Term Rate*
6 months .25%
12 months .50%

*All rates are annual percentage yield (APY).

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