APA Internship Activities

Counseling Services & Crisis Intervention

Each intern is supervised in the treatment of clients and the provision of crisis intervention services. Interns provide primarily short-term individual therapy with the opportunity to work with a wide range of client presenting concerns. Efforts are made for interns to work with a diverse client case load over the course of the internship year. 

In general, interns:

  • carry 12 ongoing clients, utilizing the CCS time-limited model
  • have the opportunity to work with 2-3 clients for long-term therapy
  • co-facilitate at least one therapy group each semester
  • are scheduled for walk-in appointment coverage 3-4 hours each week
  • develop experience working with clients in crisis through walk-in appointments and participation in the CCS after hours on-call system. Interns are on-call approximately one weeknight every 2-3 weeks and two weekends per semester. Interns are always provided supervisor support when on-call. These opportunities are provided so that interns gain experience with managing client concerns in emergency situations, developing crisis assessment and intervention skills, and determining appropriate follow-up services and/or referrals.