Substance Use Assessment

A substance use assessment is scheduled to discuss your specific concerns, review harm reduction and other coping strategies and identify any other related mental health concerns. Feedback and recommendations are provided to assist you in meeting your personal and academic goals and additional treatment options may be identified as part of this process.

You can request to complete a substance use assessment based on your individual concerns/needs or you may be referred to complete a substance use assessment by an NIU department or faculty/staff member.

We are not certified to complete substance use assessments that are required for legal and/or court-mandated reasons. If you need court-ordered services or information about other substance use treatment resources, contact our office or use the Substance Abuse Treatment Locator sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Eating Concerns Assessment

An eating concerns assessment is recommended to identify more significant eating and/or body image concerns as well as the most appropriate treatment options to address these concerns. The assessment process consists of gathering specific information regarding emotional concerns, eating patterns, body image and related behaviors. The assessment often requires more than one appointment. Based on the information gathered during the assessment, feedback and recommendations will be provided, included recommended treatment, nutrition and medical resources.

Anger Intervention

The purpose of this service is to assist you in understanding the situation(s) in which you find yourself expressing your anger inappropriately and in learning other ways of coping with anger. You must specifically state when you call or come in that you would like an anger intervention. You may be referred by a university department or may be referred after attending a walk-in appointment.

This intervention consists of two group appointments with other students who have been referred. During the first appointment, counselors meet with you to discuss the situation(s) which led to the referral and provide education regarding the process of anger. The second appointment builds on this information as you learn more about ways to best identify, respond and cope with feelings of anger and frustration in healthy and effective ways.

When the intervention is the result of a referral from an outside department, you will be asked to sign a release of information with the referring department. Within three days of completing this process, the referring department will receive written confirmation that you have completed the anger intervention.

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