General Continuing Professional Education FAQ

How do I register for a professional development class?
Registration information is available on every program page. Click the register button if you are paying by credit card. If you are paying with cash, check or need direct billing to your company, choose the mail/fax registration form.
Do I need to be an NIU student to take a professional development class?
No. NIU’s Professional Development Programs are open to the public and anyone can register.
I need to pay for my class with a company check, but the online system won’t let me choose that method of payment. How do I register?
Print and fill out the mail/fax registration form on the program page you are interested in. If there isn’t a link, call 800-345-9472 or e-mail and request that the form be e-mailed to you.
There are a lot of people from my company who need to take one of your programs. Can you bring the program to my office or have a session just for us?
Yes. Any of our programs can be delivered at the location of your choice, and many can be customized. Contact Donna Mann at or 815-732-6249 for more information.
Are there any pre-requisites to take a professional development course?
No, but if you are taking a course to prepare for a third party examination, check with the awarding body to make sure you qualify to earn the credential once you pass the exam.