NIU Naperville Conference Center - Video Conferencing Room
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NIU Naperville Conference Center


Video Conferencing Room

NIU’s newly upgraded video conferencing equipment helps you make decisions quicker, launch products faster, and meet with people around the world without actually traveling around the world.

Video conferencing infuses emotion and nonverbal communication into your meeting. You gain the meaning behind people’s words by viewing body language, including gestures and facial expressions.

Each IP video conferencing room is fitted with

  • Four 53-inch, flat-panel, high-definition screens
  • Digital video cameras with 360° views
  • Ceiling-mounted microphones that filter background noise
  • Speakers that project crisp digital sound
  • Reliable Internet connections between sites
  • Proprietary Polycom hardware and software

Request more information or reserve space by sending an email to, by calling 1-866-753-0010, or by submitting an online request for information.


  • Room: 132
  • Set Up: Classroom
  • Capacity: 40
  • Room Dimensions: 30’x 42’