Possible Sanctions for NIU Student Code of Conduct Violations

The following sanctions may be imposed upon any NIU Student or Recognized Student Organization found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct:

Class Removal or Reassignment: A sanction that removes a student from a class or requires a student to move into a different class or section.

Community Service: A sanction that requires a student or recognized student organization to complete hours of service to Northern Illinois University or the DeKalb community;

Counseling: A sanction that includes but is not limited to the requirement of the completion of counseling or an assessment. (e.g., Referral to Counseling and Consultation Services, Substance Use Assessment, Anger Intervention Assessment, etc.);

Deferred Sanction: A sanction that is deferred may become effective if the student is found "responsible" or accepts responsibility for a future violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other institutional policy. Any sanction may be deferred; the deferred sanction will include the length of deferment and the expiration date of the deferred sanction;

Discretionary Sanctions: A sanction that requires work assignments, written assignments, service to Northern Illinois University, or other related discretionary assignments;

Educational Sanctions: A sanction that includes, but is not limited to, the requirement of the completion of an educational assignment or assessment. (e.g., research paper, program presentation, interviews, Partner Abuse Intervention Program, anger assessment, etc.);

Fines: An amount of money applied to the Bursar's Account of the student or recognized student organization for violation of a university or department policy;

Formal Written Warning: A notice in writing to the student or recognized student organization indicating a violation of institutional regulations;

Loss of Privileges: A denial of specified privileges for a designated period of time (e.g., inability to have guests/visitors, inability to hold social functions, etc.);

Loss of Recognized Student Organization Status: A loss of all privileges, including Northern Illinois University recognition as a student organization, for a specified period of time;

Probation: Probation for a designated period of time that includes the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student or student organization is found to violate any institutional regulation(s) during the probationary period;

Residence Hall Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the residence halls;

Residence Hall Suspension: Separation of the student from the residence halls for a definite period of time, after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions for readmission may be specified;

Restitution: Compensation for loss, damage, or injury. This may take the form of appropriate service and/or monetary or material replacement;

Revocation of Admission and/or Degree: A revocation of admission or a revocation of degree awarded by the University;

University Expulsion: A permanent separation of the student from Northern Illinois University;

University Suspension: A separation of the student from Northern Illinois University for a definite period of time, after which the student may be eligible to return. A hearing board or officer issuing the sanction of suspension must start the suspension immediately, or may not impose the sanction at all;

Withholding Degree: A withholding of the awarding of a degree otherwise earned until the completion of the process set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

Additional Information About Sanctions

More than one (1) of the sanctions listed above may be imposed for any single violation.

In cases that involve policy violation(s) in which the outcome is subject to disclosure under The Clery Act (1990, as amended) or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, Student Conduct shall notify the Accused student or Recognized Student Organization and the complainant, and the victim/survivor (in cases of Sexual Misconduct or other Title IX offenses) of the outcome of the proceedings, simultaneously.

In each case for which an Administrative Hearing Officer, a Student Conduct Board, Residence Hall Conduct Board, or Organizational Conduct Board determines that a Student or Recognized Student Organization has violated the Student Code of Conduct, the sanction(s) shall be determined and imposed by the appropriate Administrative Hearing Officer or Conduct Board.

Any sanction not completed by the deadline set by the Student Conduct Administrator or the Conduct Board may result in additional sanction. Student Conduct shall monitor the deadlines for sanction completion.

Sanctions imposed are in effect as determined by the Student Conduct Administrator, Conduct Board or Administrative Hearing Officer. Sanctions are in effect throughout any appeal process undertaken by the student.

In determining organizational sanctions, the Student Conduct Administrator shall only consider offenses in which the Recognized Student Organization has been found responsible, no more than four (4) years from the calendar date of the current Preliminary Conference.

Recognized student organizations regaining their recognition, after a period of suspension, as a student conduct sanction, shall automatically be placed on a period of organizational disciplinary probation for one (1) calendar year upon their re-recognition.

It is the philosophy and practice of the Student Conduct to issue educational sanctions to students when and where appropriate.

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