Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Incident Report Form

Use this form, regardless of where the incident occurred, to report:

Please provide as much information as possible.This form may be submitted anonymously. The fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Garner, Title IX Coordinator at 815-753-5560 or

Submit a Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Complaint

The following individuals have the authority to make a finding or to impose a sanction in a Title IX proceeding. 

  • Sarah Garner, Acting Ethics and Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator, Ethics and Compliance Office
  • Lindsay Hatzis, Assistant Director of Investigations and Affirmative Action Investigator, Ethics and Compliance Office
  • Michelle Johnson, Title IX Investigator, Ethics and Compliance Office
  • D. Lance Lockett, Title IX Investigator, Ethics and Compliance Office
  • Jeanne Meyer, Director, Student Conduct / Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Brian Glick, Associate Director, Student Conduct
  • Joy Mitchell, Assistant Director, Student Conduct

If any of these individuals' participation in the Title IX process poses a conflict of interest, the Victim/Claimant and Offender/Respondent have the opportunity to request a substitution. The explanation for the request for substitution must be sent to within 48 hours upon notice of complaint.