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The Student Code of Conduct defines a student conduct system for the efficient administration of justice for the student body of Northern Illinois University. It establishes both scholastic and behavioral standards. The standards may be applied to student behavior both on and off campus, campus being defined as any grounds or buildings under university control, when relevant to the lawful mission, processes and functions of Northern Illinois University.

  1. The Student Code of Conduct shall be applicable to both individual students and recognized student organizations.
  2. The policies in the Student Code of Conduct are applicable to conduct both on and off campus. Students and recognized student organizations are expected to follow all applicable policies in university documents and publications.
  3. The Student Code of Conduct applies at all locations of the university, university-sponsored events and events sponsored by recognized student organizations. The Student Code of Conduct shall also apply to students completing approved study abroad coursework through the Northern Illinois University Study Abroad Office.
  4. The Student Code of Conduct shall apply to actions and behaviors of students and recognized student organizations that are exhibited directly or otherwise either in person and/or through the use of any electronic medium.
  5. The Student Code of Conduct shall not normally apply to the following university relationships with students:
  1. Employment Regulations
    Obligations regarding student employment are specified in the student employment handbook distributed by the Student Financial Aid Office. Disputes regarding employment are resolved through student employment grievance procedures.
  2. Academic Regulations
    Student grievances over grades are resolved through the grade appeals system established by the University Council. However, academic misconduct as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct may be adjudicated through Student Conduct.
  3. Financial Regulations
    Disputes over alleged violation of university policies regarding the payment of bills and loans are resolved through the Controller's Office, Office of the Bursar or the Student Financial Aid Office.
  4. Traffic Regulations
    Violations of the university traffic policy, as outlined in the Illinois Rules of the Road, are handled by the Department of Police and Public Safety.
  5. Parking Regulations
  6. Contractual Obligations
    Questions, disputes and alleged violations of contracts between various university offices and students are handled between the student and the contractual office, such as the Office of the Bursar, Housing & Residential Services or the Student Financial Aid Office.

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Student Conduct
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Phone: (815) 753-1571
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