Garden Locations

Map of garden locations

The Communiversity Gardens continue to grow in number each year. In 2015, four different locations are maintained, three of which produce edible plants and the other houses native plant species that are not specifically intended for eating.

Annie Glidden Heritage Garden

231 W. Lincoln Hwy (Oderkirk House)
Planted with only heritage vegetables, this garden pays homage to the Gliddens.

Huskie Service Scholars Garden

511 Russell Road (Immanuel Lutheran Church)

Native Plants Garden

Between Grant and Stevenson Towers
Take time to appreciate the importance of native plants in this raised bed located between Stevenson and Grant Towers. Here you can observe grasses and forbs native to Northeastern Illinois.

Sandra Streed Communiversity Garden

520 Garden Road
Just east of Anderson Hall, this is the largest vegetable-producing garden on Northern Illinois University property. Here one can find the International Garden, and with hopes of a future wheelchair accessible raised garden bed.