Garden Locations

Annie Glidden Heritage Garden

253 N. Annie Glidden Rd. (Oderkirk House)

Four raised garden beds constructed in 2015 sit at the Oderkirk house. Placed directly across the street from the College of Education, these gardens are incorporated into lessons to teach students. Additionally, children from the NIU Campus Child Care help with small gardening tasks. These beds are planted with heritage vegetables to pay homage to the Glidden family.

Huskie Service Scholars Garden

511 Russell Road (immanuel Lutheran Church)

This garden was founded in 2013 by Huskie Service Scholars with help from DCCG. Immanuel Lutheran Church hosts four garden beds with a selection of vegetables and herbs. These crops are donated after harvest to local organizations in need.

Native Plant Garden

Stevenson Dr. N. (Between Grant and Stevenson Towers)

With the help of the ESE Institute, Outdoor Adventures, Communiversity Gardens partners, and volunteers, the Native Plant Garden was installed in 2013. Take time to appreciate the importance of native plants in two raised beds located between Stevenson and Grant Towers. Native plants have many different uses: restoration, conservation, aesthetics, and pollination. Observe grasses and wildflowers native to Northern Illinois, such as Milkweed, Rudbeckia, Coneflowers, Bergamont, Goldenrod, and Asters!

Sandra Streed Communiversity Garden

520 Garden Rd. (Anderson Hall)

Located just East of Anderson Hall, this is the largest vegetable-producing garden on NIU property. Not only is it an opportunity to harvest and donate produce, but students, apprentices, interns, and volunteers earn educational and professional experience. 

Parking Information

Parking for the Communiversity Gardens follows all NIU parking regulations.

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