Garden Apprenticeship Program

The Garden Apprenticeship Program was created in 2020 to acknowledge students for their volunteerism. Students who complete the program are rewarded with an apprentice certificate for completing service hours in the Communiversity Gardens, campus social events, and local food pantries. The program is open to all majors!

Program Expectations

Apprentices are expected to:

  • Attend an orientation for a tour of the Gardens
  • Write an expectations paper at the beginning of the semester
  • Complete a seed germination lab and take a quiz
  • Complete a fundraiser planning project
  • Volunteer at other campus events, with other organizations off campus, at a food pantry, or extra hours in the Gardens
  • Complete any other additional online assignments
  • Write a reflection paper at the end of the semester
  • Complete at least 24 service hours in the Communiversity Gardens
  • Complete a total of 40 service hours, which are broken down into these different domains!

There will be no credit compensated for participating in this program. The apprenticeship is designed to reward volunteerism. The 40 service hours that are completed are equivalent to one credit hour. The certificate is socially rewarding and will look great showcased with your diploma!

Even though there is no credit, you will still be awarded with a well rounded education about food insecurity, volunteerism, sustainable gardening skills, and local food systems. There is also the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills!

If you are interested, or would like more information, contact us at