Garden Apprenticeship Program


The Garden Apprenticeship Program is a new program for the spring 2020 semester! We would like to acknowledge your volunteerism and reward you with an apprentice certificate for completing service hours in the Communiversity Gardens and at other social events and participating in the apprenticeship program!

For more information, please contact us at

Program Expectations

What we expect from you if you choose to participate:

  • Complete 24 service hours by volunteering at our Communiversity Gardens.
  • Meet one day for an orientation day and tour our gardens.
  • Write one expectation paper at the beginning of the semester and one reflection paper at the end of the semester.
  • Complete a seed germination activity, watch seed germination videos and seed saving videos and take a quiz.
  • Volunteer at least one plant sale event for two hours and one other NIU Community Gardens event for two hours
  • Regularly communicate with the apprentice leader and other apprentices and are expected to apply their leadership skills at other NIU social events!
  • Participants will complete a total of 40 service hours which are broken down into different domains.

There will be no credit compensated for participating in this program. This apprenticeship is designed to reward volunteerism. The 40 service hours that are completed in this apprenticeship program is equivalent to one credit hour, but the certificate is more socially rewarding and it is better to showcase with your diploma!


  • Education: Participants will experience and work with food insecurity in DeKalb. We want you to think about how volunteerism contributes to helping our NIU Communiversity Gardens flourish, and how the gardens make positive social impacts on food and nutrition security. How can community gardens impact food insecure areas nationwide?
  • Leadership: Participants will gain leadership skills that will be essential and applicable to other aspects of their lives.
  • Gardening: Participants will volunteer a minimum of 24 hours in our Communiversity Gardens, by the end of this program.

ENVS Internship Opportunity for Credit

If you are interested in earning credit you can apply for the ENVS internship! Working as an
ENVS intern, you can earn a minimum of one credit or up to three credits! Participating in
this internship is also a requirement for the sustainable food systems certificate.

If you are interested in earning this certificate, you must complete one credit hour as an ENVS intern and pass the following courses:

  • ENVS 210
  • Agricultural and sustainability course (BIOS, GEOG, ENVS)
  • Food and health class (NUTR)
  • Social and course (GEOG, ANTH, ENVS, POLS, HIST)