Learning Outcomes

Program Goal: Establishes a common, educationally-purposeful experience among first-year students to foster community at NIU.

  • Students will recognize Northern Illinois University's value of intellectual development.
  • Students will identify community with peers and facilitators through shared reading and discussion experience.
  • Students will connect in- and out- of classroom experiences.
  • Students will explore community conversations and improve communication skills.

Program Goal: Provide new students with the opportunity to begin exploring new perspectives and ways of viewing the world.

  • Students will become aware of the validity of differing viewpoints.
  • Students will begin to explore self perception and personal values.
  • Students will recognize a comfortable, safe environment that is conducive to learning.

Program Goal: Orients new students to critical thinking and the spirit of intellectual inquiry.

  • Students will read the book selection in its entirety.
  • Students will recognize their individual responsibility for learning in the university.
  • Students will understand that the academic experience is enhanced by exercising personal initiative.

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Common Reading Experience

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