Test Preparation

SAT Test Preparation 

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), a three-hour test, measures verbal and mathematical reasoning skills students have developed over time and skills they need to be successful academically. Many colleges and universities use the SAT as one indicator among others-class rank, high school GPA, extracurricular activities, personal essay, and teacher recommendations-of a student's readiness to do college-level work. SAT scores are compared with the scores of other applicants, and the accepted scores at an institution, and can be used as a basis for awarding merit-based financial aid.

The SAT is scored on a scale of 200-800 and is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The test is administered several times a year.

Fall SAT Test Prep Dates

SAT Test Prep I 
Pre-test March 4
Writing and Language Arts March 11
Math (Calculator and No Calculator) March 18
Reading March 25
Post-test April 8

Location: Holmes Student Center room 506

Parking: Parking is free on  Sundays

Time: Sundays, 1-4:30 p.m.

Cost: $275 ($299 after February 23)

Please contact: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences External Programming at 815-753-5200 or LASEP@niu.edu