Karen J. White

Research Interests

My specific interests in the field of child clinical psychology include children’s peer relationships, especially those of children with attentional and acting-out behavior problems; the influence of teacher and peer feedback on perceptions of behavior problems with children; and child and adult attentional problems.

Frequently Taught Classes

  • PSYC 654 Psychotherapy Practicum

Representative Publications

  • FitzGerald, D. P. & White, K J. (2003). Linking children's social worlds: Perspective-taking in parent-child and peer contexts. Social Behavior and Personality, 31, 509-522.
  • Hoffmann, Melissa L; Powlishta, Kimberly K; White, Karen J. An Examination of Gender Differences in Adolescent Adjustment: The Effect of Competence on Gender Role Differences in Symptoms of Psychopathology.  Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 50 , 795-810.
  • White, K. J., Rubin, E. C., & Graczyk, P. A. (2002). Aggressive children’s perceptions of behaviorally similar peers: The influence of one’s own behavioral characteristics on perceptions of deviant peers. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 19, 755-775.
  • White, K. J., & Jones, K. (2000). Effects of teacher feedback on the reputations and peer perceptions of children with behavior problems. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 76, 302-326.


Director of the Psychological Services Center

PM 52


Ph.D. Florida State University 1988