Keith Millis

Research Interests

I am interested in discourse comprehension, discourse assessment, memory, and experimental aesthetics.

Frequently Taught Classes

  • PSYC 345 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 428 History of Psychology
  • PSYC 245 Thinking

Representative Publications

  • Millis, K.K., Kim, H.J., Todaro, S. Magliano, J., Wiemer-Hastings, K., McNamara, D. (2004).  Identifying reading strategies using latent semantic analysis: Comparing semantic benchmarks.  Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers.
  • Millis, K. (2001) Making meaning brings pleasure: The influence of titles on aesthetic experiences. Emotion, 3, 320 329.
  • Millis, K.K., King, A., & Kim, J. (2001) Updating situation models from descriptive texts: A test of the siutational operator model. Discourse Processes, 30, 201-236.
  • Millis, K.K., & Magliano, J. (1999).  The co-influence of grammatical markers and reader goals on the memory for short discourse. Journal of Memory and Language, 183-198.

Representative Grants

  • Dept of Education; with Magliano, J. 9/1/04-9/1/08; $1,500,000 “Assessing comprehension with verbal protocols and latent semantic analysis”.
  • NSF Grant (00-74); with Magliano, J., & Wiemer-Hastings, K.; 10/1/00-9/30/05; “Promoting active reading strategies to improve students’ understanding of science.”


Professor, Cognitive and Instructional Psychology

PM 320


Ph.D.: Memphis State University, 1989