Past Award Recipients


2019-2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • M.A.- Alex Lundberg
  • Ph.D.- JoAnn LoSavio

2019-20 Dissertation Completion Award

  • Justin Iverson

Graduate Student Awards for Excellence in Teaching

  • Justin Iverson, Emma Lloyd, JoAnn Losavio, Megan VanGorder

Hugh Jameson Graduate Essay Prize

  • Alex Lundberg

James R. Shirley Graduate Article Prize

  • Heeyoung Choi

Hayter Young Research Award

  • Matilda Ansah, Alex Craver, Alex Sosenko, Megan VanGorder

Large Grant

  • Alex Craver, Alex Sosenko, Megan Van Gorder, and Elizabeth Unruh


2018-2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • M.A.- Thommy Brown
  • Ph.D.- Kevin Luginbill

2019 Undergraduate Awards, Scholarships and Prize Winners

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society:
  • Kiera Donnamario
  • Mark Raupp
CLAS Dean’s Award:
  • Gabriel Sonntag
Outstanding History Student:
  • Kassidy Babler
  • Sandra Puebla
Jeannie Hainds Scholarship:
  • Lucy Johnson
  • Brandon Trupp
Marvin Rosen Scholarship
  • Timothy Fine
Oscar Matasar Scholarship
  • Raúl Arroyo
James P. and Mary Clare Sczepaniak Scholarship
  • Ashley Boyer
  • Andrew Collier
Anita M. Andrew Memorial Scholarship
  • Annie Hodal
David L. Wagner Medieval Studies Scholarship
  • Lucy Johnson
J. Patrick White History Education:
  • Mark Del Real
  • Christopher Donaldson
  • Laura Gray
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Benjamin Holliday
  • Erin Krienke
  • Jonathan Litewski
  • Jonathon Molchin
  • Andrew Nelson
  • Michael Pondel
  • Leann Schaffni
  • Joshua Shaw
  • Brianna Stallter
HIST 495 Research Paper Prize:
  • Kassidy Babler, “Protestant German Christian Theologians’ Interpretation of Martin Luther, 1933-1939.” Fall 2018 (Professor Emma Kuby)
  • Gabriel Sonntag, “The Beginning of Gay Liberation at NIU: Lesbian and Gay Huskies in the 1970s and 1980s.” Fall 2018 (Professor Amanda H. Littauer)
James Shirley Award in Asian History: 
  • Liam McCown: Essay title: “Greek Hysteria and the Wandering Womb: 300 Wandering Theories and the Trojan Horse of Enlightenment.” (Professor Trude Jacobsen)
James Shirley Essay Prize:
  • Claire Spahn: Essay title: “Unworthy Handmaids, Worthy Authors: Agency and Authorship in the Letters of Eighth- Century Nuns.”
David L. Wagner Medieval Studies Capstone Prize:
  • Claire Spahn, “From Dish to DISH: Evidence for a Practical Diet in Late Medieval British Monks


CLAS Dean’s Award: Claire Spahn
Outstanding History Student:
• Gabriel Sonntag
• Ronan Kaiser

Marvin Rosen Scholarship: Aaron Bluestein
Oscar Matasar Scholarship: Jarell Blakey
James P. and Mary Clare Sczepaniak Scholarship:

• Gariecia Rose
• Justin Zerbe

HIST 495 Research Paper Prize:

  • Rachel Jacob. Essay title, “Policy Making: The Family and Medical Leave Act.” Submitted for fall 2017.
  • Benjamin Holliday. Essay title, “Big Brother, Little Brother: The Personal Diplomacy of U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and South Vietnamese President Nguyê ̃n Văn Thiêu, 1969-1974.” Submitted for fall 2017.
James Shirley Award in Asian History:
  • James Ewing, Essay title: “The Russo-Japanese War: A Difference in Perception,” submitted for HIST 444 (Prof. Taylor Atkins), Fall 2017.
James Shirley Essay Prize:
  • Jared Connors, Essay title: “Cherokee Motivations in the Civil War,” submitted for HIST 464 (Prof. Natalie Joy), Fall 2017.


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