Dissertations in Progress

Our current Ph.D. students are doing research in these areas. 

  • LeNie Adolphson, “Health Care in the Black Metropolis: A History of Provident Hospital.”
    Director: Beatrix Hoffman
  • John Alcade, “The Language of Citizenship: Italian Immigrants and English Fluency in the Courthouse, 1875-1921.”
    Director: James Schmidt
  • Ian Burns, “In Service of Ireland: The Irish Volunteers, 1913-16.”
    Director: Sean Farrell
  • Edward Byrd, “Cut It Out and Cut Us In.”
    Director: Stanley Arnold
  • Alexander Craver, “The Forgotten Transformation: Synthetic Rubber and the Soviet Union.”
    Director: Andy Bruno
  • JoAnn LoSavio, “Modern Mandala: A Transnational History of Southeast Asian Youth from Burma, Malaya, and Thailand in Great Britain and the United States, 1950-1970.”
    Director: Trude Jacobsen
  • Kevin Luginbill, “Building an Imperial World: Imperial Ideologies and the Politics of the Tariff Reform Movement in the British Empire, 1900-14.”
    Director: Sean Farrell
  • Matthew Maletz, “Revolution by Education: Indians and the Guatemalan State, 1944-54.”
    Director: Anne Hanley
  • Robert Marach, “Textbooks and Traitors: Civil War Veterans and Patriotic Education.”
    Director: James Schmidt
  • Alexander Sosenko, “The Human Faces of Dissident-Socialism: The Stuggle for Human Rights in Soviet Ukraine.”
    Director: Andy Bruno
  • Journey Steward, “Immigrants or Prostitutes? Panic over White Slavery in France, Britain and the United States.”
    Director: Sean Farrell
  • Elizabeth Unrah, “Lutherans and Sexuality, 1963-1982.”
    Director: Amanda Littauer
  • Megan Van Gorder, “The Many Motherhoods of Mary Bickerdyke: Reexamining the Image of Women’s Experience in the Civil War Era.”
    Director: James Schmidt