Geography and Meteorology Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2020

Course Description Meeting Days
GEOG 101 Introduction to Environmental Geography (with lab GEOG 102) Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 105 Weather, Climate, and You (with lab GEOG 106) Online
GEOG 201 Introduction to Human Geography Monday, Wednesday, Friday
GEOG 202 World Regional Geography Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 204 Geography of Economic Activities Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 253 Environment and Society Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 256 Maps and Mapping Online
GEOG 300 Pro-Seminar Monday
GEOG 303 Water Resources and the Environment Online
GEOG 306 Severe and Hazardous Weather Online
GEOG 330 Geography of U.S. and Canada Online
GEOG 359 Intro. to Geographic Information Systems Online
GEOG 360 Earth from Space: Intro. to Remote Sensing Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 361 Geographic Measurement & Quantitative Analysis Monday, Wednesday, Friday
GEOG 370 Regional Climatology Monday, Wednesday
GEOG 390 Topics in Geography (1-3 credits) Permit required
GEOG 391 Internship (1-3 credits) Permit required
GEOG 403 Soils and Environmental Land Use Planning Online
GEOG 432 GIS for Public and Environmental Health Online
GEOG 458 Geovisualization Online
GEOG 459 Geographic Information Systems Online
GEOG 467 Workshop in Cartography Online
GEOG 491 Undergraduate Research in Geography Permit required
GEOG 492 Hydrology Tuesday, Thursday
GEOG 493 Computer Programming for the Geospatial and Atmospheric Sciences Tuesday, Thursday
MET 360 Radar Meterology Tuesday
MET 411 Weather Dynamics Monday, Wednesday, Friday
MET 421 Synoptic Meteorology Tuesday, Thursday
MET 444 Mesoscale Meteorology Wednesday
MET 475 Practicum in Weather Analysis and Forecasting Monday
MET 485 Atmospheric Physics Monday, Wednesday, Friday
MET 491 Undergraduate Research in Meteorology Permit required

Geography Advising

Wei Luo
Davis Hall, Room 120

Meteorology Advising

David Changnon
Davis Hall, Room 118