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Spring 2020

Course Description Meeting Days
GEOG 503 Soil Geography and Land Use Planning Online
GEOG 532 Geography of Health Online
GEOG 556 Fundamentals of Mapping Online
GEOG 557 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems Online
GEOG 558 Geovisualization Online
GEOG 559 Geographic Information Systems Online
GEOG 560 Remote Sensing of the Environment  
GEOG 567 Workshop in Cartography Online
GEOG 592 Hydrology  
GEOG 593 Computer Programming in Geospatial and Atmospheric Sciences  
GEOG 600 Colloquium  
GEOG 601 Practice of Geography  
GEOG 602 Graduate Internship  
GEOG 663 Geographic Research Procedures  
GEOG 670 Advanced Climatology  
GEOG 699 Thesis  
GEOG 758 Graduate Readings  
GEOG 771 Graduate Research  
GEOG 799 Dissertation  
MET 511 Atmospheric Dynamics II  
MET 521 Advanced Synoptic Meteorology  
MET 544 Mesoscale Meteorology  
MET 585 Atmospheric Physics