Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

We offer two majors that can give students an edge in the job market: geography and meteorology. You are encouraged to pursue the geographic information systems (GIS) certificate to build skills.

Geography is the study of place and location, exploring how we interact with, alter and manage the physical environment. A geography degree opens doors to numerous sectors of the economy – government, business and nonprofit. Our graduates have embarked on diverse career paths, including land surveying, forest ecology, soil science, remote sensing, environmental and urban planning and GIS analysis.

Meteorology involves the study of the atmosphere and its interaction with the earth’s surface, oceans and living things. Meteorologists make weather forecasts and examine issues ranging from the mechanisms that fuel severe storms to how plants, buildings and landscapes affect atmospheric processes. With a meteorology degree, you’ll have many exciting career options in such areas as weather forecasting; climate-impact analysis; broadcast and research meteorology; and hazard risk assessment.


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