Internship Opportunities

Internship Listings

Intern at Entreamigos in San Pancho, Mexico

Getting Academic Credit for your Internship

**The Internship Policies and Procedures details the steps needed to apply for academic credit for an internship through Environmental Studies.**

Submit your internship application materials to Melissa Burlingame

At the end of the semester in which you complete your internship for credit, you will submit the following documents in order to receive your final grade:

Grades will be assessed using the Intership Policies and Procedures and the Environmental Studies Evaluation Form.

Getting a Transcript Notation for your Internship

Report your internship with Career Services to receive acknowledgement on your transcript.

Internship Information

Environmental Studies strongly encourages students to enroll in an internship sometime during the course of their studies at Northern Illinois University. The internship allows students to earn course credit while gaining valuable professional experience as an intern and is open to juniors and seniors. A wide variety of internship opportunities are available every year, including positions with:

  • Forest Preserve Districts
  • Private Companies
  • Local Governments
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Participating in an internship gives students a special opportunity to:

  • Apply classroom knowledge to a professional work environment
  • Gain valuable political experience that will look great on a resume
  • Sample different career options in a specific professional area of interest
  • Make valuable connections that could lead to a permanent position