DIY Cleaning Products

Intro to Cleaning Products
  • The average American spends up to $500 per year on cleaning products
  • Many of these cleaning products have adverse effects on human and animal health
  • Some of this can be avoided by:
    • Using reusable products
    • Make your own household products
    • Replace cleaning solvents with products like vinegar and baking soda
Why Make Your Own Cleaning Products
  • Making your own products save you a lot of money
  • They are generally non-toxic
  • Safer for animals and children
  • Much smaller impact on the environment
  • Better for water quality
Benefits of Composting
  • Lowers carbon footprint
  • Enriches soil
  • Reduces need for chemical fertilizers
  • Conserves water and money

Doing Laundry chart

Cleaning Products Chart

Cleaning Products Chart2

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