Making the Great Lakes Greater

Students studying conservation success stories to build on results

Face Time with Karen Samonds

DeKalb County Daily Chronicle

Goodwill’s ‘Give & Go!’ bins coming Dec. 8 to NIU residence halls

University’s partnership with Goodwill sees green benefits

Life’s a beach

But make sure kids wash thoroughly after playing in the sand

The problem with plastic

NIU environmentalist Melissa Lenczewski gives her take on ubiquitous shopping bags

Speak Your Mind: What’s the big deal about eating local?

Purchasing food at a grocery store is a bit of a mystery. Shoppers rarely, if ever, know where and how the food was grown, the farmer who grew it or where their money is going after it leaves their wallet.

NIU professor builds community in local backyards, abroad

Diana Swanson likes to build communities

Where the buffalo roam (once again)

Reintroduction of bison at Nachusa Grasslands boosts research opportunities for NIU faculty, students 

Environmental studies majors travel to Mexico to work with nonprofits

When it comes to sustainable technology, NIU students are learning that sometimes what’s old is new.

Fewer antibiotics in your McNuggets is a good thing …

NIU researcher says fewer drugs in animal feed means fewer ‘super bugs’ in our water

Climate-change frontlines

NIU anthropologist leading study of how world’s small food-producing communities perceive effects

Drilling into complexities of fracking in Illinois

After years of debate and study, horizontal hydraulic fracturing, the controversial oil and natural gas drilling method more commonly known as fracking, is expected to begin in southern Illinois this year.

NIU Faculty Participate in International NSF Workshop

Local Knowledge and Climate Change: Fieldwork Experiences

NIU Making Connections with Myanmar

ESE Director, Melissa Lenczewski, traveled to deliver donated equipment and conduct training

Catch up on fascinating research in Antarctica

Discovery NewsBBC News, or Fox News

NIU Faculty stay involved in Antarctic research: NPR and NIU Today.

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