Why ESE?

Think Green!

This is an exciting time to study the environment and all of the related issues! It is important to have well-educated citizens who can speak intelligently about environmental issues with politicians, reporters, scientists, government employees, and the public.

Building our green future starts now!

What can I do with this degree?

Environmental issues are found in every kind of workplace. As awareness of these issues grows, the need for people with a blend of science and policy knowledge will also grow. Environmental Studies graduates can expect to find careers as environmental planners, analysts, and policy-makers. They can also manage corporate compliance with environmental regulations and conduct audits of internal environmental efficiency.

Graduates in environmental studies are not only knowledgeable in their program emphasis; as interdisciplinary students, they have also gained the critical and job-ready skills of flexibility and versatility. There is a growing need in all forms of media for eloquent voices to communicate environmental messages. Informing the public about environmental issues and what they can do about them is a driving force behind the movement. The diploma is also a good starting point for an advanced degree.

The challenge for Environmental Studies majors is not whether they will have jobs, but how to find the jobs and how to market themselves and their training.

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