Native Plant Garden Project

2013-09-17 09

The ESE Institute and Communiversity Gardens have been working together to install a native prairie garden at NIU. The intent of the garden is to demonstrate that native plants can be used in aesthetically pleasing ways. The ESE Institute and Communiversity Gardens students will plan, plant, and maintain the garden.

If you would like to be involved with the garden please contact Melissa Burlingame at

How You Can Help

  • Adopt the raised bed along North Stevenson Drive located between Grant Towers and Stevenson Towers. The raised bed is located across the road from the West Lagoon.
  • Approximately 1,650 students live in Grant and Stevenson Towers. North Stevenson Drive is traveled by students, parents, and community members, making it a high profile location.
  • The plants were installed in August 2013 and the bed has been weeded once in September and once in October.

Our Outstanding Needs

  • Funding for educational displays about sustainable landscaping ($500).
  • Gardening equipment:
    • hose
    • shovels
    • spading fork
    • heavy-duty gloves

Thank You

  • Art Bingham
  • Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife
  • Dan Kenney
  • Green Paws Environmental Alliance
  • Michaela Holtz
  • NIU Grounds
  • NIU Outdoor Adventures
  • Pizzo & Associates
  • Volunteers

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