Environmental Science Secondary Education

The Environmental Science Educator Preparation Program is designed to develop exemplary educators who have a broad general education, strong relevant disciplinary knowledge, and experience in and knowledge of contemporary best practices in teaching environmental science.

Candidates interact within the community of learners comprised of faculty, field professionals, and peers. The professional development of a prospective educator within this community of learners incorporates classroom instruction and diverse field-based experiences that promote engagement in inquiry, collaboration, and reflection; development and refinement of effective practices; and a commitment to lifelong learning.

The Environmental Studies program at NIU strongly supports environmental science education as a way to foster environmental literacy in our nation's youth. Environmental concepts establish a foundation for their future understandings and actions as citizens. Moreover, environmental education promotes science literacy by providing students with many opportunities to master critical-thinking skills that will prepare them to evaluate issues and thus making informed decisions regarding stewardship of the planet. The environment also offers a relevant context for the learning and integration of core content knowledge, making it an essential component of a comprehensive science education program. The Environmental Science Teacher Preparation Program strives to present a balance of environmental, economic, and social perspectives.

For detailed program information, please go to the Secondary Science Educator Licensure website. If you are interested in the Environmental Science Secondary Educator program, please contact Paul Fix at pfix@niu.edu.

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