Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses in this department can help you fulfill requirements to earn a B.A. in English. Check the Writing Courses in the Undergraduate Catalog for specific information.

What courses Do You Offer in Professional Writing?

A variety of courses are offered to students who want to learn about professional writing. Topics such as Writing Creative Nonfiction (ENGL 303), Writing Arts Criticism (ENGL 304), Technical Writing (ENGL 308), and Technical Editing (ENGL 403) are routinely available.

How Is Professional Writing Different from Other Types of Writing?

Professional writing is different from creative writing, such as fiction and poetry, because it focuses on specific audiences with specific purposes. Technical writing, for example, is driven by rhetorical situations that writers address in order to persuade or inform readers to do something.

Professional Writing Sounds Useful, But what Are the Career Options?

Professional writers find rewarding careers in a variety of fields such as: law, medicine, business, marketing, journalism, and entertainment.