Society for Technical Communication

What Is the Society for Technical Communication?

The NIU Student Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC-NIU), is an extension of the international organization, Society for Technical Communication (STC).

STC-NIU, housed in the English Department, is a student organization for undergraduate or graduate students interested in technical writing, editing, or communication. Technical communicators can be found working in many industries such as healthcare, software, telecommunications, science, and engineering. Potential job positions include technical writers and editors; web, graphic, and document designers; usability specialists; information architects; content specialists; and more.

STC-NIU provides students with:

  • A forum for networking
  • Workshops on software and technology
  • Career-enriching seminars by practitioners and experts from the field
  • Opportunities to complete writing projects and build a professional resume
  • Resources on writing, editing, and career seeking
  • Opportunities to develop partnerships with STC-Chicago Chapter and Society for Technical Communication (STC)

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What Does STC Have to Do with the Professional Writing Program at NIU?

The Professional Writing program in the English Department at NIU has formed a partnership with the STC Chicago Chapter called the Institute for Professional Development (IPD). The IPD provides college-credit courses for traditional students and working professionals who want to develop or add to their knowledge and skills in technical communication.

How Do I Join STC?

To join STC, visit their website for information about becoming a member.

STC-NIU is open to all students. Interested students are invited to attend one of our meetings or events for free. Find out more about upcoming events and activities.

To join or renew membership, fill out a new application each semester. Our membership application is available online or by emailing or contact the faculty advisor, Jessica Reyman, Ph.D. at 815-753-6644, Active participation with STC-NIU is encouraged. Volunteer to work on our newsletter staff, fundraising committee, or any of several
other groups.

How Do I Get Involved?

STC-NIU is led by student members under the direction of English Department faculty advisors. All members can participate in planning, organizing, publicizing, and hosting meetings and events. In addition, members of STC-NIU can gain experience in writing and editing.

Past projects have included developing a new website, writing newsletters, creating brochures, and designing flyers for upcoming events. For each project, members decide if they want to be a writer, editor, or designer. Teams work together to brainstorm and to develop ideas for each project. Participation in projects is voluntary, and members can select projects and roles they are most interested in.

How Can I Support STC-NIU?

STC-NIU needs support from industry partners and others interested in the success of our student chapter. Currently, our only source of revenue is fundraising by our chapter members.

Sponsors can:

  • Offer monetary donations to supplement our fundraisers. Every dollar counts!
  • Volunteer as a mentor for a student or group of students.
  • Volunteer as a guest speaker for one of our meetings

If you are interested in supporting STC-NIU, please contact our faculty advisor: Jessica Reyman, Ph.D. Department of English. Reavis Hall, Office 333. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115. 815-753-6644,