Stock Market Game ™

The Stock Market Game™ is an online simulation to teach students in grades 4-12 about saving and investing. SMG, a program of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association for Investor Education, is provided for Illinois teachers by Econ Illinois.

Economics Challenge

The Economics Challenge is a competition for high school students designed to increase their understanding and interest in economics and finance. Students compete online in teams to qualify for state and national finals.

Personal Finance Challenge

The Personal Finance Challenge is designed to recognize students who demonstrate high levels of comprehension and application of personal finance concepts and skills and reward teachers for outstanding practices in teaching personal finance concepts.

View the winners of the 2019 Illinois Personal Finance Challenge.

Economics Poster Contest

The Economics Poster Contest challenges students in grades 1-8 to demonstrate their understanding of economic concepts through artwork. Drawings by the 12 state winners are featured in a 12-month calendar.

View the winners of the 2019 Economic Poster Contest.

View the winners of the 2020 Economic Poster Contest.


InvestWrite is an extension of the Stock Market Game™. Students and teachers have opportunities to win state and national prizes through this writing competition. Students are given a detailed writing prompt related to what they learned through the SMG. Essays are chosen within three grade levels: 4th-5th grade, 6th-8th grade and high school.


What is Rockonomix? In teams of one to six, high school students rewrite the lyrics to a popular song, so that it is about an economic/personal finance concept or group of concepts. Students then record the song and make a music video using their new lyrics.

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