Why Economics?


Employment Outlooks

Some of the job titles held by economic majors include market analyst, real estate agent, urban planner, policy analyst, business forecaster, research assistant and statistician, among many, many others. To some extent, all of these job require the application of the analytical skills, which are necessary for those studying economics.

Our graduates have found employment with a wide variety of employers, from banks to major retail outlet chains, to accounting firms and market research companies.

Finally, of course, you can pursue a graduate level degree in economics. Such a degree, like a master's or a Ph.D., allows you to work in higher-level positions and/or allow you to teach economics.

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

If you are considering amajor in economics, you may ask "What kinds of jobs could I expect to get with a degree in economics?" Our students compete successfully for many entry-level professional positions in financial services, marketing, manufacturing, insurance, and real estate. In addition, some students choose to work in the public sector. 

Graduate Degree in Economics

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of economists is expected to grow 20-30% in the near future due to the continued need for economic analyses by financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, marketing researchers, urban and regional planners, and many others. Those skilled in quantitative techniques and their application to economic modeling and forecasting should have the best job opportunities.

The market continues to be strong for economists with graduate degrees from NIU. Masters students with good quantitative, problem-solving, and communication skills are highly sought after by private employers in the Chicago area and our Ph.D. students continue to get offers from academic, public-sector, and private-sector employers.

Resources for Economics Majors

NIU Career Services takes an active role in helping NIU students during the job search and placement procedure, and holds both Job Fairs and Internship Fairs. In addition, NIU Career Services hosts the "Northern Illinois University Major WebLinks" containing information for undergraduate students, including NIU Major Weblinks for Economics.

The American Economic Association also has information on careers for undergraduates with Economics degrees on its site for undergraduates.


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