Financial Assistance

Students may apply for financial assistant to cover some costs of tuition and earn a stipend while enrolled in our graduate programs. The primary source of funding is from the Department, however some awards are available from the Graduate School for those students who meet specific criteria.

Departmental Funding

Graduate assistantships are competitively allocated among the students who have been accepted by the department for the graduate program and those currently enrolled. Students must also apply each year to be considered for an assistantship and limits apply to the number of years a student may be awarded an assistantship depending on satisfactory progress in the program, satisfactory performance of assistantship duties, and the program within which the student is enrolled. Applications for graduate assistantships are due to the department no later than February 15.

Each assistantship award includes a waiver of instructional fees (but not personal fees) and a stipend the amount of which depends on the award received. The department current provides three types of graduate assistantship awards:

  • M.A. Student, Non-Instructional Teaching Assistant
  • Ph.D. Student, Non-Instructional Teaching Assistant
  • Ph.D. Student, Instructional Teaching Assistant

Students receiving non-instructional awards are assigned to a current faculty member to serve as a teaching assistant for any courses that faculty member is teaching. Instructional awards are for Ph.D. student who are responsible to reaching their own section of one of our 100- or 200-level courses. According to University guidelines students are expected to work no more than 20 hours per week and are expected to enroll for at least 9 credit hours.

Graduate School Awards

The Graduate School and University offers some awards to outstanding students who meet certain criteria. Students who wish to be considered for one of these awards must be nominated by the Department of Economics in the Fall semester of the year preceding the award so they need to contact the Director of Graduate Studies as soon as possible.