Wei Zhang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Education and Experience

Wei Zhang received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has taught at UW-Madison and UW-LaCrosse prior to joining NIU in 2009. Her published work has studied information asymmetry in insurance markets, private information in health care utilization, multiple dimensions of private information in job market signaling, and dynamic contract design under non-conventional assumptions of preference.


  • Endogenous preferences and applications
  • Information asymmetry in insurance

Areas of Specialization

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Applied Game Theory
  • Microeconomics
  • Industrial Organization

Courses Taught

  • Economcis 375: Industrial Economics
  • Economics 492: Reserach Methods in Economics

Selected Publications

  • Wei Zhang (2014) Job market signaling with two dimensions of private information, Bulletin of Economic Research, Vol. 66, Iss. 2, pages 113–132 Wei Zhang (2012) Endogenous preferences and dynamic contract design, B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Contributions), Vol. 12: Iss. 1, Article 19, 33 pages
  • Peng Shi, Wei Zhang and Emiliano A. Valdez (2012) Testing asymmetric information with two-dimensional information: evidence from the Singapore auto insurance market, Journal of risk and Insurance, Vol. 79: Iss. 4, pages 1077-1114
  • Peng Shi and Wei Zhang (2014) Private information in health care utilization: specification of a copula-based hurdle model, forthcoming at Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series A
  • Peng Shi and Wei Zhang (2014) A test of asymmetric learning in competitive insurance with partial information sharing, forthcoming at Journal of Risk and Insurance


Zulaf Hall 512

Office Hours

2-3 p.m. and by appointment