Why Study Women, Gender and Sexuality?


What are the Benefits?

A background in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies will benefit you both personally and professionally, because:

  • Employers value the critical thinking skills, research skills, and in-depth knowledge of diversity issues that you will gain in our courses.
  • Our courses emphasize social justice, global awareness and an appreciation for human diversity, which are important to living in a global society.
  • Students become more self-aware, community-minded and expand their social circles through involvement in our programs.

What Can You do with a Background in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies?

Our students have successfully gone on to pursue a wide variety of career paths, including but not limited to:

  • Business Director for a non-profit organization
  • Civil Rights attorney
  • College/university professor
  • Communications Director for a child abuse prevention organization
  • Director of Training at a global executive search firm
  • Diversity and Inclusion administrator
  • Editor of a magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founder of a historical tour company
  • High school teacher
  • LGBT social services provider
  • Manager for a marketing firm
  • Nurse
  • Sexual violence prevention specialist
  • Web application designer and developer

What Do Our Students Say?

  • The center is "tremendously valuable to all students as it involves the study of issues that have relevance and resonance to all of us."
  • "I recently applied for internships in clinical psychology...having the LGBT certificate...helped me in the process and made me stand out."
  • "The (Women's and Gender Studies) certificate helped me land my first academic job because my employer was impressed by the breadth of the coursework for this certificate."
  • "The certificates gave me a 'leg-up' on (other) job candidates because it demonstrated a dedication to social justice and an ability to work across disciplines."

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