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Pre-Historic and Historic Burma – Between China and India – In Its South-Eastern Asian Environment
Convenor: Jean-Pierre Pautreau & Anne-Sophie Coupey, UMR 6566 du CNRS, Université de Rennes 1
Contacts: &
Thematic 1: Paleolithic, Hoabinhian, Cave Paintings, Rock Shelters, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age Burials, Ceramics, Ornaments, Dates.
- Jean-Pierre Pautreau (UMR 6566 du CNRS, Université de Rennes 1), "Ywa Gon Gyi (Thazi Township, Mandalay): A Neolithic Settlement in the Samon Valley, Occupation Remains, Radiocarbon Dates"
- Anne-Sophie Coupey (Université de Rennes 1), "Late Prehistoric Burials in the Samon River's Valley and Their Cultural Connections With Other Southeast Asian Communities"
- Ni Ni Khet (Université de Rennes 1) "Prehistoric Iron Artefacts, Metallographic Studies and Iron Furnace Remains from Samon Valley"
- Christophe Maitay (Inrap Grand Sud-Ouest UMR 6566 - Universite de Rennes 1)"Ceramic Making Traditions in Upper Burma: From Iron Age to the Current Days"
- Emma Rambault "The Late Prehistorical Copper-Alloyed Associated Grave-Goods From the Samon River Valley (Upper Burma).

Thematic 2: Written in the Earth: Landscape Archaeology of Burma
- Janice Stargardt, (Cambridge University, United Kingdom) "Irrigation is Forever: A Study of the Enduring Affects of Sri Ksetra's Ancient Irrigation System on Contemporary Life with Collaboration of G. Amable & B. Devereux"
- Pierre Pichard, (EFEO, Bangkok, Thailand) "Pagan Database"
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Dealing with Burmese Historical Sources: New Perspectives On Old Challenges
Convenor: Leider, Jacques (Ecole française d’extrême Orient – EFEO Yangon/Chiang Mai)
 - Aurore Candier (Ph.D. Candidate, Paris-Sorbonne, France) “Disorders, Rumors and Reforms in the Late Konbaung (1886-1870): New Perspectives for the Study of Political Theory and Practice”
 - Tilman Frasch (Metropolitan University of Manchester) “Writing on the Wall: Inked Inscription from Pagan”
 - Alicia Turner (York University, Canada) “Narratives of Nations, Questions of Community: Examining Burmese Sources without the Lens of Nation”
 - Jacques Leider (EFEO, Chiang Mai/Yangon)“The Rise of a Dynasty Founder and the Making of a King: An Investigation into Alaungmintaya’s Self Representation”
 - Alexey Kirichenko (Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University, Russia) “Tracing the Life of Atula Hsayadaw Shin Yatha”
 - Patrick McCormick (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington USA) “Lingering in the Distant Past: Local and International Perspectives on Writing Mon History”
 - Maitrii Aung-Thwin (Assistant Professor, Department of History, National University of Singapore) “The Making of a National Past: Public History and the Early Years of the Burma Historical Commission, 1955-1960”
 - Andrew Huxley (SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom) “Did Burma Go Through an Early Modern Stage”
  - Lalita Hingkanonta, (Ph.D. Candidate, SOAS, London, United Kingdom) “The Birth of Modernized Police Force In Colonial Burma”
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Burma, Northern Thailand, Laos, and Southwestern China: Connections in Material and Visual Cultures
Convenor: Catherine Raymond (Director, Center for Burma Studies, Northern Illinois University USA) & Alexandra Green (Research Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong)
Contacts: &
- Alexandra Green (Research Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong), "From Gold Leaf to Apocryphal Stories: Influences From the East on Central Burmese Murals"
- Catherine Raymond (Director, Center for Burma Studies, Northern Illinois University, USA),“Burmese Influence in the Depictions of Buddhist Cosmology in Thailand, Lanna, and Lan Xang"
- Gillian Green (Honorary Associate, Department of Art History and Film Studies, University of Sydney, Australia), “Verging of the Modern. A Rare, Late Nineteenth Century Burmese Painting on Cloth on the Theme of the Vessantara Jataka”
- Klemens Karlsson, (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) "Buddhist Visual Culture in Keng Tung and Upper Southeast Asia: Comparing Architecture, Wooden Sculptures, Paintings and Banners"
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At the Crossroad of Cultures: The Arts of Burma
Convenor: Bautze-Picron, Claudine (CNRS, Mondes Iranien et Indien,Paris)
- Claudine Bautze-Picron,(CNRS, Mondes Iranien et Indiens, Paris, France), “Murals in Pagan: Between India and China”
- Christophe Munier-Gaillard (Ph.D. candidate, Paris Sorbonne Paris-IV, CREOPS, France), "Burmese Murals in the Context of Thai and Lanna Murals (17th-19th Century)"
- Anne-May Chew, (Independent Researcher, France) “The Arts of Kogun Cave and Their Influence”
- Charlotte Galloway (Australian National University) "The Art of Early Pagan: Agencies for Stylistic Change"
- Christian Bauer (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Germany) "Pagan Murals (11th-12th Century) Reassessed: Scribal Practices and Old Mon Ink Glosses"
- Joachim K. Bautze, (Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany) "A Passage in the Vessantara Jataka Explained by the Crafts of Burma and Siam"
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Encountering the Weikza: The Unity and Diversity of a Burmese Phenomenon
Convenor: Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière (CNRS/CASE, France) & Guillaume Rozenberg (CNRS-Université Toulouse Le Mirail)
Contacts: &
Discussant: Steven Collins (Chester D. Tripp, Professor in the Humanities, University of Chicago, USA)
Session 1: Explorations in the Weikza's Power(s)
- Thomas Patton (Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University, USA), “By the Power of All the Weizzas: Technologies of Inn/Sama as Practices of Potency”
- Guillaume Rozenberg (CNRS, Université Toulouse le Mirail, France), “Powerful Yet Powerless: the Burmese Exorcist”
- Céline Coderey (Ph.D. Candidate, IRSEA-Université de Provence, France), “Fluctuations between Buddhism and Esoterism. The Weikza’s Role in Arakanese Healing Practices”
- Veronica Futterknecht (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Vienna, Austria), “Weikzadara-Naya within Traditional Medecine: Burmese Approaches towards Healing and Realization”
Session 2: The Weikza as a Champion of Buddhism
- Niklas Foxeus (Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History of Religions, ERG Stockholm University, Sweden), “The World Emperor’s Battle against the Evil Forces”
- Keiko Tosa Professor (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan), “Weikza Belief and Pagoda Building”
Session 3: Situating the Weikza Phenomenon Within the Burmese Religion and Beyond
- Patrick Pranke (University of Louisville, USA), “Vipassan? and the Weikza-lam: Two Paths to Buddhist Liberation in Contemporary Burmese Buddhism”
- Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière (Researcher, National Center of Scientific Research, Center on Southeast Asia, Paris), “Nat Line and Dat Line as Two Competing Field of Practices”
- Juliane Schober (Arizona State University, USA), “The Longevity of Weikzas”
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Languages of Burma, From a Linguistic Point of View
Convenor: Alice Vittrant (Université Aix-Marseille 1/CNRS-Lacito, France)
- Mathias Jenny (Zürich Universitat, Switzerland)"Non-standard Construction in Southern Burmese as Result of Language Contact"
- Inna Lazareva (Oxford University, United Kingdom) "A Study of the Burmese Subject/Topic Marker ka"
- Patrick McCormick, (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington, USA) "Between Burmese and Thai: Towards Situating the Mon Rajadhiraj"
- San San Hnin Thun (Cornell University, USA) "Discourses Particles in Burmese"
- Alice Vittrant, (Université Aix-Marseille 1/CNRS-Lacito, France) "On Arakanese Dialects"
- Justin Watkins (SOAS, London, United Kingdom)"Sign Language in Burma: Some Preliminary Findings"
- Shiro Yabu, (Professor Emeritus, Osaka University, Japan) "Verb Sentence Marker -i and -sany in Written Burmese(WrB)"
- Nathan Hill (SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom) "Vowel Correspondences Between Tibetan and Burmese"
- Khin Hnit Thit Oo (Yangon) "Situational Analysis of Deaf Community"
- Keisuke Huziwara (Kyoto University, Japan) "Burmese Loan Words in Kadu"
- Christian Bauer (Professeur de philologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany), “Describing Old Môn Syntax"
- Vadim B. Kasevich & Olga Garbouzova (Univ. of St. Petersburg, Russia), “Semantic and Morphosyntax of Causatives Constructions in Modern Burmese"
- Denise Bernot, (INaLCO, Paris, France) "Loan Words in Burmese Script: Phonemic Significants of Odd Graphisms”
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Wa Studies
Convenor: Justin Watkins (Head of the Department of South East Asia, SOAS, London)
- Justin Watkins, (SOAS, London, United Kingdom) “Elaborate Expressions, Proverbs and Idioms in Wa: Data from the Wa Dictionary”
- Sylvie Pasquet, (CNRS - Centre "Chine, Coree, Japon": INaLCO, Paris, France)“'Lawa' in Burmese Historical Sources”
- MA Jianxiong, (University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong), “The History of Borders in the Wa Lands”
- Atsushi Yamada, (Hokkaido University, Japan) “Ethnolinguistics of the Wa and Other Northern Mon-Khmer Speakers” (to be confirmed)
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India and Burma – The Shaping of (mis)Perceptions
Convenor: Julie Baujard (Université de Provence, France) & Renaud Egreteau (University of Hong Kong)
Contact: &
- Renaud Egreteau, (Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong), “Debating ‘Indophobia’ in Burma: Historical Perspective and Contemporary Salience”
- Julie Baujard (Université de Provence, France), "A Situation of Cultural Encounter: Chin Refugees from Burma in Delhi"
- Andrew D. Jarvis (Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), “Indian ‘Subimperialism’ In Burma, c.1886-1941”
- Lian Sakhong (Uppsala University, Sweden), "Indo-Burma Relation from an Ethnic Perspective"
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The Moving Frontiers of Burma
Convenor: Maxime Boutry (CNRS-IRASEC, Bangkok,Thailand)
- Maxime Boutry (CNRS-IRASEC, Bangkok,Thailand) "Looking Towards the Frontiers of Burma"
- Wen-Chi Chang (Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei)"Roots and Routes: Life Story of a Migrant Yunnanese from Burma"
- Alexander Horstmann (MMG-MPG for the study of ethnic and religious diversity, Göttingen), “Stretching the Border: Spaces of the Karens Within the Thailand-Burma Borderlands”
- Jacques Ivanoff (CNRS-IRASEC, Bangkok, Thailand) “Anthropology of Borders and Resilience of Ethnicity”
- Mizuka Kimura (Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Japan) “Social Memory as a Peripheral Strategy: Historical Narratives and Cultural Dimension of Chinese Muslim Migrants in Colonial and Postcolonial Myanmar”
- Su Lin Lewis (Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of History, Cambridge University, United Kingdom) “The Edges of Globalism: Rangoon as a Cosmopolitan Port-City 1920-1940”
- Kirsten McConnachie (Queen's University, Belfast, Eire) “Refugee Statecraft and the Politics of Justice”
- Noriyuki Osada (Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Tokyo, Japan)"An Embryonic Border: Compulsory Vaccination for Indian Immigrant Labourers at Ports in Colonial Burma, 1896-1937"
- Marion Sabrié (Ph.D Candidate, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales/ Centre Asie du Sud-Est, Paris), “The Kachin State: A ‘Peripheral’ State Between India and China?”
- Tharaphi Than (SOAS London, United Kingdom), “Mapping the Landscape of Chinese Immigrants in the 20th Century Burma: The Case of Overseas Chinese Versus Chinese Burmese”
- Li Yi (Ph.D. candidate, SOAS London, United Kingdom) "A Curse of the Country - A Negative Image of the Chinese in Colonial Burma"
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Assessing Resilience of Political Opposition as Socio-Political Change in Burma, 1962-2009
Convenor: Maran La Raw (Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, USA)
- Maran La Raw (Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, USA)
- Jane M. Ferguson (Australian National University)
- F.K. Lehman/U Chit Hlaing (Professor, University of Illinois, USA)
- Miki Kajimura, (University of Tokyo, Japan) “Burma Refugees in Japan: Their Border-Crossing and Japan’s Response”
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Ethnic Unity, Ethnic Tensions, and Ethnic Diversity in Burma
Convenor: Jane M. Ferguson (Australian National University)
- Jane M. Ferguson (Australian National University, Australia)"Questioning Notions of Shan-ness and Shanland in Upland Southeast Asian History"
- Karin Dean (Tallinn University, Estonia) "Coming Down the Mountains: Configurations of Kachin Ethnicity in Burma Today"
- Maran La Raw (Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, USA) "Kaching Political Culture 1962-2009: Exploring Ethnicity Within Community Dynamics"
- Ashley South (Australian National University, Australia), "Conflict, Legitimacy, and Security Protection in Karen Areas"
- Lian Sakhong (Uppsala University, USA), "Burma - The Future of Ethnic Armed Struggle"
- Ayako Saito, (Part-time Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), “The Position of Muslims as Nationals in Myanmar Buddhist Society”
- Alexandra De Mersan, (CASE, Paris, France) "Ethnicity As Seen From the Point of View of Arakanese Studies"
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Burmese Regional and Popular Music: Perspectives on Shifting Musical Tastes
Convenor: Ward Keeler (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
- Gavin Douglas (University of North Carolina at Greensboro USA) "Performing Ethnicity and Performing Religion: The Shwe Thu Htay Pagoda Festival in Northern Burma/Myanmar"
- Jane Ferguson (Australian National University, Australia) “Burmese Copy Thachin as the Quintessential Trans-national Cover Song”
- Ward Keeler (University of Texas at Austin, USA) “Why Burmese is Pop Music So Dull and So Popular?”
- Heather MacLachlan (Cornell University, USA) "Burmese Pop Music"
- Christopher A. Miller & Ne Myo Aung (Arizona State University, USA) "Burma on Record Before 1962"
- Tasaw Lu (Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei) "Transnational Music Remaking and Home Reidentifying: Chinese Migrant Singers in Burmese Pop"
- Kit Young (Gitameit Music Center, USA) "U Gon Ban, Myanmar Gita and the Enigma of Change"
- Gretel Schwoerer-Kohl, (Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle, Wittenberg, Germany) “Lahu Ceremonial Songs to Burmese Nat-spirits”
- Sayuri Inoué (Osaka University, Japan), “Oral and Written Transmission of Burmese Classical Songs”
- Za Tawn Eng, (Musician) "A Short Introduction to the Evolution of the Chin Contemporary Music and How It Developed Up Till Today"
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Globalization of Social and Political Spaces in Myanmar: Expansions, Contractions and Contestations
Convenor: Ko Ko Thett (Helsinki, Finland)
- Kyaw Win Tun (Independant Scholar, Burma)“Globalization Reflected in Some Short Stories Published in Myanmar from the 1990s and 2000s”
- Soe Myint Aung (Independant Scholar, Burma)“Regressive Globalization and Authoritarian Space: The Burmese Regime’s Survival Methods in the 21st Century”
- Ian Levely (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)“‘Constructive Engagement’ in Burma’s Energy Sector: Does Foreign Investment Present a Real Space for Change?”
- Nwe Nwe Aye (Ritusmeikan University, Japan)“Globalization and Media Space: Ways Ahead for Private Media in Myanmar”
- Ko Ko Thett (Independant Scholar, University of Helsinki, Finland) “Contestation of Political Space in Myanmar: From Antagonism to Agonism”
- Salai Yaw Aung, “Globalization and the Struggle for Democracy”
- Amara Thiha (Uppsala University, Sweden)“Political Identity of Burmese Blogosphere: The Root of Revolution on Cyberspace”
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Burmese Education, History and Politics: The National and the Transnational
Convenor: Rosalie Metro (Cornell University, USA)
- Brooke Treadwell (Indiana University, USA) “Pockets of Resistance: Teachers’ Appropriation of Education Policy in Contemporary Burma”
- Rosalie Metro (Cornell University, USA) “Negotiations on a History Curriculum for Burmese Students in Thailand”
- Estelle Cohenny-Vallier (Coordinator of Studio Xang at Chiang Mai, Thailand), “Migrant Children and the Practice of Freedom”
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Impact of Globalization on Burmese Economy
- Convenor: Myoe Myint (Columbia University, USA) & Vicky Thein (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)
Contact: &
- U Khin Maung Nyo (Economist, Chief Editor, World Economic Journal), “Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Myanmar and Its Response” (Discussant: Myoe Myint)
- Dr. Takahashi Akio (Professor, University of Tokyo), “Swiddens, Rice Terraces, and Malaysia Connections: Resource Use and Socio-economic Strata in the Chin Hills, Myanmar” (Discussant: Myoe Myint)
- Mr. Toshihiro Kudo (Director, Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO), “Myanmar's Border Trade with China: Situation, Challenges, and Prospects * (Discussant: Htwe Htwe)
- U Myat Thein, Rector (Retd.), Yangon Institute of Economics (invited), “Economic Development of Myanmar” (Discussant: Myoe Myint)
- Ikuko Okamoto (Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO, Visiting Fellow, ANU), “The Shrimp Export Boom and Small Fishermen in Myanmar: Profitability and the Changing Resources” (Discussant: Myoe Myint)
- Aye Aye Khine (Save the Children, Yangon, Myanmar) "Post-Disaster Assessment Study: Bangladesh, Myanmar and Yemen" (Discussant: Htwe Htwe)
- Myoe Myint (Columbia University, New York, USA) "Energy Poverty Amid Plenty" (Discussant: Htwe Htwe)
- Htwe Htwe Thein (Curtin University of Melbourne, Australia) “Globalisation and the Myanmar Economy: Foreign Investment, Finance and Governance" (Discussant: Myoe Myint)
- Matthew Smith (Earthrights International, Bangkok, Thailand) "Natural Gas, Democracy, and the Role of Multinational Corporations in Burma (Myanmar)"
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Myanmar and ASEAN
Convenor: Paul Sarno (Lecturer in Southeast Asia, Burma Studies Group & Asia Society Member, USA)
- Kyaw Yin Hlaing (City University of Hong Kong)
- Paul Sarno (Burma Studies Group, Pierian Spring Academy, USA) "ASEAN, Myanmar and Human Rights: Is Change in the Offing?”
- Robert Taylor, (City University of Hong Kong) “The Recent Use of ASEAN by the SPDC After Years of Ignoring the Organization. Why the Change and Its Implications for Myanmar Domestic Politics?”
- Tin Maung Maung Than, (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore) “Myanmar Migrants and Refugees in Thailand: Asean’s Human Security Dilemma"
- Zairina Othman (AP, Program of Strategic Studies and Internationl Relations University Kebangsaan Malaysia) "The 'Power' of 'Powerless': The Geostrategic Aspect of Burma/Myanmar"
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Multiple Paradigms of (and for) Burmese/Myanmar Democracy
Convenor: Hans-Bernd Zöllner (Lecturer, Universities of Hamburg and Passau)
- Hans-Bernd Zöllner (Lecturer, Universities of Hamburg and Passau) “Moralised Democracy. Burmese Paradigms Vis à Vis the International Community”
- (N.N.), “The Role of Burmese Civil Society in Democratization Efforts"
- Ko Ko Thett (Independant Scholar, University of Helsinki, Finland) "Advocating Democracy From Abroad A Case Study"
- Pinitbhand Paribatra (Ph.D. candidate, NIU, DeKalb), “Democratic Transition in Burma: The Comparative Case Study”
- Arthur Minsat (London School of Economics, United Kingdom), “Why Did EU Did Not Change Its Ineffective Isolation Policy Against Myanmar”
- Myint Zan (Associate Professor, School of Law, Multimedia University, Malacca, Malaysia), “Burma’s 2008/2010 Constitution: Snippets Comments on Constitution Making Process, Praetorian Provisions and Selected Comparisons of ‘Internal’ and ‘External’ Constitutions-Making Process”
- Wylma C. Samaranayake-Robinson (University of Hawaii-Manoa, Honolulu), “Alternative Futures for Governance in Burma: 2040”
- Yoshihiro Nakanishi (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan), “Winner Takes All. Political Elites in the Ne Win Regime, 1962-1988”
- Swapna Bhattacharya (Chakraborti) (Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta, India), “Influence of Political Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose and M.N. Roy on the Nationalist Movement and Democratic Process of Myanmar”
- Sanjai Pulipaka "Understanding Political Transition in Myanmar"
- Chosein Yamahata (Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)"Remaining Opportunities for Burma's Democracy and Freedom: Internal and External Pillars of Change"
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Open Panel

Nat thematic:
- Per-Arne Berglie (Professor, History of Religions, Stockholm University, Sweden), “Dirty Words and Good Advice”
Muslim thematic:
- Jean Berlie “Islam in Myanmar and Globalization”
- Maulawi Muhammed Yasinn “Islamic Da’wah in the Union of Myanmar”

- Oliver Pollak (Department of History, University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA), “Burmese English Language Cookbooks, 1903-2009: Studies in Longing, and the Global Identification of Burmese Cuisine”
- Dilip Kumar Barua (Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Dhaka), “The Role and Influence of Burmese Buddhism on the Reformation of Bangladeshi Buddhism”
- Paul Strachan,(Independant Researcher) "Tourist Burma! The Poisoned Chalice"
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Buddhism in the Burmese Society: A Multi-faced Religion
Convenor: Guy Lubeigt, IRASEC/CNRS
- Guy Lubeigt (CNRS, IRASEC-Bangkok) “Uppatasanti and the Sacralization of Nay Pyi Taw””
- Ko Ko Thett (Independant Scholar, University of Helsinki, Finland) “Kowtowing Holds Up Progress: Political Culture as Impediment to Democracy in Burma-Myanmar”
- Mee Mee Zaw "Dhamma for Young Buddhists in Urban Burma"
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Museography and Anthropology of Art
Convenor: Christine Hemmet, Catherine Raymond (to be confirmed)
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NGO in Myanmar (to be confirmed)
Convenor: Carine Jaquet (to be confirmed)
- Ashley South (Independent Researcher)"Self-Protection and Survival in South-east Burma"
- David Scott Mathieson (Human Rights Watch, Thailand) "Layers of Control & Comprehension, A Methodology of Human Rights Research for Burma/Myanmar"
- Carine Jaquet (Université Paris 1 La Sorbonne; Trócaire, France) and Khnit Hnit Thit Oo, (Université de Rouen) "Economical, Social and Political Impact of Cyclone Nargis on Burmese Civil Society”
- Kyaw Soe Lwin (City University of Hong Kong) "The Role of Developmental Organizations in Burma in the Globalized Era"
- Lyndall Barry, Pyoe Pin "Policy Change Possibilities in Burma Through Civil Society Actors: Rhetoric Versus Reality
- Hla Hla Win, (Capacity Development Center, Burma) "Role of NGO in Informal Education Sector in Burma"
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Myanmar/Burmese Literature
Convenor: Marie-Helene Cardinaud (INALCO, Paris)
- Daw Ju, (Writer, Burma) "Challenge of Globalization: Searching For Heroes in Myanmar Contemporary Literature"
- Sabai Shwe Demaria,(INaLCO, Paris, France)“Is Contemporary Burmese Literature Part of the Globalization Process?”
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