2000 International Burma Studies Conference Program

Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115 USA

FRIDAY, October 13

Conference packets available for participants. Outside of Heritage Room, Holmes Student Center.

Pre-conference Luncheon

Speaker: Ralph Isaacs (Formerly British Council), "Lacquer Art of the Intha People."

Welcome. Opening Remarks by host, Richard M. Cooler, Director of the Center for Burma Studies, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Room

Panel #1: Foreigners and Foreign Relations, Holmes Student Center, Heritage Room.

Moderator: Gustaaf Houtman (Royal Anthropological Institute)

Wil O Dijk (University of Leiden), "The Structure of the VOC-Burma Trade in the Seventeenth Century."

Marilyn V. Longmuir (University of Queensland), "The Two Faces of Fritz Noetling: Chronicler and Despoiler."

Hans-Bernd Zoellner (University of Hamburg), "Friedrich Nietzsche in Burma: A Contribution Towards the Study of Occidentalism."


Panel #2: The Environment, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Rm.

Moderator: Marilyn Longmuir (University of Queensland)

Michael Charney (National University of Singapore), "Burmese on the Move in the Domestic Economy: Change and Continuity in Cart and Wagon Transportation Technologies in Colonial Burma."

Carol Stock (Indiana University), "Current Forestry and Logging Issues in the Light of the Recent Cease-fire and Peace Agreements between the Ethnic Minorities and the Military Government."

Ardeth Maung (University of Wisconsin), "The Prospect of Agriculture in Myanmar, and the Impact of Horizontal and Vertical Coordination over the Execution of Summer Paddies (1992 to the Present)."

Christen Wemmer (National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution), "Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary: A Case Study of Park-People Relations in Burma."     


Welcome Reception

Banquet, Chandelier Room, 1st Floor Adams Hall

Christopher Miller (Northern Illinois University) Burmese Harp:  Anom Kusumasari (Northern Illinois University) Burmese Dance.

Video - "The Burmese Festival of Paper Fire-Balloon.  Elaine Koretsky - Narration and Production Research Institute of Paper History.

SATURDAY, October 14

Continental Breakfast, Holmes Student Center, Heritage Room.

Panel #3: Modernization and "Myanmafication". Holmes Student Center, Heritage Room.

Moderator: James Guyot (Baruch College, CUNY)

Kei Nemoto (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), "Party Politics (patinain-nganyei) versus National Politics (amyoudhanain-nganyei) in Burma-Discourse, Analysis, and Historical Background."

Janette Philp (Deakin University, Australia), "Nation Building and the Appropriation of Buddhism in Contemporary Burma: The State Peace and Development Council’s Propaganda Campaigns."

Gustaaf Houtman (Royal Anthropological Institute), "Myanmafication:  The Role of Burma’s Myanmar Culture Policy in Forging National Unity."

Ward Keeler (University of Texas), "Courtly Music in a Conflicted State."


Panel #4: Cultures, Traditions and the Legal Profession, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Room

Moderator: Michael Charney (National University of Singapore)

Benedicte Brac de la Perrier (National Center for Scientific Research, Southeast Asia and Austronesia World Team), Paris. "A Comparative Analysis of Burmese Consecration Rituals."

Alla Burman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "A Theme of Brother and Sister within a Context of Burmese Traditional Culture."

U Myint Zan (Deakin University, Australia), "Woe Unto You Lawyers: The Legal Profession in Early Seventeenth Century Burma - Translation, Analysis and Commentary on Three Royal Orders Issued by King Anaukphetlun on 23 June, 1607."

Tun Myint (Indiana University), "Evolution of Law and Legal Concept in Burma: Challenges at the Transition."

Michael Martin (Independent Scholar), "A Glimpse into the Burmese Martial Arts."

Lunch, Holmes Student Center, Heritage Room

Panel #5: Burmese Art - 1, Holmes Student Center, Heritage Rm.

Moderator: Sarah Bekker (Burma Studies Foundation)

Alexandra Green (SOAS, University of London), "The Relationship between Word and Image in 17th and 18th Century Burmese Wall Paintings."

April Tin Tin Aye (Temple University), "Two Painted Parabaik Manuscripts in the Collections of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania."

Richard Cooler (Northern Illinois University), "Configuring the Nats at Pagan During the Reign of King Kyanzittha (1084 - 1111 AD)."


Panel #6: Burmese Art - 2, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Rm.

Moderator: Ward Keeler (University of Texas)

Richard Blurton (British Museum) "The Crowned Buddha Images in Burma: Variety and Meaning."

Sylvia Fraser Lu (Independent writer-researcher), "Stemming from the Lotus: Sacred Robes for Buddhist Monks."


Banquet, Chandelier Room, Adams Hall, 1st Floor.

After dinner speaker: Ralph Isaacs (formerly British Council). "Burma and the Art of Lacquer: Visions From the Golden Land - An Exhibition at the British Museum." April to August, 2000.


Sunday, October 15         

Continental Breakfast, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Room

Panel #7: Ethnic Nationalism, Global Communications and Censorship, Holmes Student Center, Heritage Room.

Moderator: Patricia Herbert (The British Library)

Aye Chan (Bard College, Simon's Rock) "Wa Ethnic Nationalism and the Drug Trade in Burma."

Tamara Ho for Lisa Brooten (Ohio University)"Global Communications/Local Conceptions: New Technologies and the Public Sphere Among the Burmese in Thailand."

Jennifer Leehey (University of Washington). "Ethnic Nationalism, Global Communciations and Censorship."

Panel #8: Linguistics, Holmes Student Ctr., Heritage Room

Moderator: Anna Allott (University of London)

Kris Lehman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),"Burmese Syntax."

Julian Wheatley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "The Practices by Which Relatively Uneducated People Learn Burmese-Pali Language and Texts."

Alice Vittrant (LACITO-CNRS, Paris)"A Tense-Aspect-Mood System to Analyze the Burmese Verbal Phrase."

Justin Watkins (SOAS, University of London), "Phonetics and Phonology of Paletwa Kumi."

San San Hnin (Cornell University), "Film-based Interactive Multi-media Language Learning Materials for Burmese."