In Memoriam: F.K. Lehman: Scholarship

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(Photograph from Dr. Lehman's webpage at U of I) 



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Book Contributions

  • "The Dynamics of Kachin ‘Chieftaincy’ in Southwestern China and Northern Burma."Cambridge  Anthropology. 2013.
  • "Kinship Theory and Cognitive Theory in Anthropology." A Companion to Cognitive Anthropology. 2012.
  • "Oral Histories and the ‘Origins’ of Current Peoples:Dynamic Ethnogenesis, with Remarks upon the Limitations of Language-Family Subgrouping." rigins and Migrations in the Extended Eastern Himalayas. 2012.
  • "Kinship Theory and Cognitive Theory in Anthropology." A Companion to Cognitive Anthropology. 2012.
  • Lehman, Frederic K. "Some Remarks upon Ethnicity Theory and Southeast Asia, with Special Reference to the Kayah." Burma: Ethnic Diversity Past and Present. NIAS Press, 2005.
  • Lehman, Frederic K. "Notes Towards a Formal Cognitive Theory of Grammatical Aspect and its Treatment in Burmese." Burmese Language and Literature. Pacific Linguistics, 2005.
  • Lehman, Frederic K. "Ethnicity, Politics and the Structure of Inter-Ethnic Relations in the China-Burma Cross-Border Trade: A Field Study from A Cognitive Anthropology Perspective." Ethnic Studies on the Southwest Frontier. Yunnan University Press, 2004. 68-78.
  • Lehman, F K. "Kayah Society as a Funcion of the Shan-Burmese-Karen Context." ., Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies, volume I . Ed. Julian H. Steward. Urbana: University oof Illinoois Press, 1967.

Journal Articles

  • "he Place of Kinship in the Social System: A Formal-and-Functional Consideration, with an Appendix on Descent and Alliance." Structure & Dynamics (2013):
  • "The Central Position Of The Shan/Tai Buddhism For The Sociopolitical Development Of Wa And Kayah Peoples." Journal of Contemporary Buddhism (2009):
  • Lehman, Frederic K. "The Read-Lehman Letters MACT." Mathematical Anthropology & Cultural Theory 1.4 (2005):


  • Lehman, Frederic K. Rev. of Review of Victor Lieberman [2003] Strange Parallels: Southeast Asia in Global ContextBulletin of Burma Research 1 (2004): 800-1830.