CPW -Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife

Committee for the Preservation of WildlifeVisit us on FacebookVisit us on Facebook for up to date information and meeting dates. All meetings are in Montgomery Hall room 442 at 7pm.

Why you shouldn't feed the geese at the Lagoon

About CPW

CPW was organized at Northern Illinois University in 1972. A group of undergraduate students were willing to prove that student activism could lead to something positive. The Preservation of Wildlife in the organization's name should be interpreted to include all forms of living things.

The objectives and purpose of the organization, as stated in its Constitution are:

  • To bring about the protection and conservation of wildlife
  • To undertake an active role in preventing environmental degradation
  • To increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife values

The club has sponsored local and foreign conservation projects, initiated letter-writing campaigns, held seminars, provided volunteer labor on wildlife projects, joined conservation organizations, and brought important speakers to NIU. Money to support these efforts have come from fund-raising projects such as the annual Walk-for-Wildlife, native plant and pumpkin sales, poster sales, t-shirt sales, paper-drives, bird-house sales, etc.

Last year CPW was involved in various activities. Our activities included but was not limited to: 

  • Volunteering at Nachusa grassland
  • Camping
  • Raising campus awareness on Poly-Styrene
  • Sponsoring various speakers to NIU campus 
  • Performing many campus cleanups. 

Our history goes far beyond preserving the wood lot behind Montgomery. In past, our members went camping and howling with the wolves at the Worlf Park. Last semester we visited the Cave of the Mounds for a camping trip. CPW also offers monetary awards to its members to precipitate in environmental related activities/retreat. In past, our members went to Lake Bloomington in Hudsen, IL for the ISEN's Activists Training Weekend retreat. Last year, the Earth week was packed with CPW activities. We also had a really fun party on Halloween. Please explore our website. If any of these activities sounds fun to you, please join us at our bi-weekly meetings.