Mitrick Johns Associate Professor


  • Ph.D., 1980, University of Oregon
  • B.S., 1973, Yale University
  • Fields of Interest: plant and animal molecular biology

Research Interests

My research work involves computer-based analyses of DNA sequence information. I am interested in the genetic mechanisms that affect plant genomes, including tandem duplications, transposable element-mediated gene duplications, and intron loss through reverse transcription. My primary work at present involves comparing the genomic sequences of the japonica and indica subspecies of rice.

Representative Publications

Kolondam, B., Rao, P., Sztuba-Solinska, J., Weber, P., Dzinott, A., Johns, M., Bujarski, J. J. (2015). Co-infection with two strains of Brome mosaic bromovirus reveals common RNA recombination sites in different hosts. Virus Evolution, 1(1), vev021.

Cary, J.W., Han, Z., Yin, Y., Lohmar, J. M., Shantappa, S., Harris-Coward, P. Y., Mack, B., Ehrlich, K. C., Wei, Q., Arroyo-Manzanare, N., Uka, V., Vanhaecke, L., Bhatnagar, D., Yu, J., Nierman, W. C., Johns, M., Sorensen, D., Shen, H., De Saeger, S., Di Mavungu, D., Calvo, A. M. (2015). Transcriptome analysis of Aspergillus flavus reveals veA-dependent regulation of secondary metabolite gene clusters, including the novel aflavarin cluster. Eukaryotic Cell, 14, 983-997.

Yanbin, Y., Johns, M., Cao, H., Rupani, M. (2014). A survey of plant and algal genomes and transcriptomes reveals new insights into the evolution and function of the cellulose synthase superfamily. BMC genomics, 15(1), 260.

Eppinger, M., Bunk, B., Johns, M., Edirisingh, J. N., Kutumbaka, K. K., Koenig, S. S. K., Creasy, H. H., Rosovitz, M. J., Riley, D. R., Daugherty, S., Martin, M., Elbourne, L. D. H., Paulsen, I., Biedendieck, R., Braun, C., Grayburn, S., Dhingra, S., Lukyanchuk, V., Ball, B., ul-Qamar, R., Seibel, J., Bremer, E., Jahn, D., Ravel, J., Vary, P. S. (2011). Genomic sequences of the biotechnologically important B. megaterium strains QM B1551 and DSM319. J. Bacteriol., 193, 4199-4213.

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Johns, M.A. and Mao, L. 2007. Differentiation of the two rice subspecies indica and japonica: a Gene Ontology perspective. Funct. Integr. Genomics. 7:135-151.  DOI 10.1007/s10142-006-003601.

Iniguez-Luy, F.L., Sass, M.E., Jung, G., Johns, M.A., and Nienhuis, J.  2006. Development of robust SCAR markers that distinguish the six cultivated Brassica species and subspecies of the U-triangle.  Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 131:424-432.

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