Kendall M. Thu

Professor Thu is a cultural anthropologist with specific interests in applied anthropology, food systems, public and environmental health, the anthropology of sports, North America and Northern Europe. His research focuses on the relationships between industrialized food systems, the environment, public health, rural social dynamics and state power and policy, and low-income housing. He has served as  editor of the journal Culture & Agriculture, served on the board of the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology and is a fellow in the Society for Applied Anthropology. He has chaired the American Anthropological Association’s committee on public policy, served on the board and as President of the Culture and Agriculture section and served on the executive board of the Central States Anthropological Society. Professor Thu teaches courses in applied anthropology, medical anthropology, environmental anthropology, the anthropology of food, American culture, introductory cultural anthropology and anthropology and human diversity.

Selected Publications

Being Heard, Not Only Seen: Intersections of Tea Partyism, Raceism, and Classism in a Low-income Housing Struggle in DeKalb, Illinois. Human Organization 76(4): 76(4):348-357. With Mark Schuller, Tiara Huggins, and Valarie Redmond. 2017

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What's a Year's Work Worth?: The Influence of the State on Cultural Constructs of Farming in Norway. Human Organization 55(3): 300-308. 1996.



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