Anthropologists are adventurers. . .

Sicily TowerWe trek around the world through time and space to understand who we are as humans. Archaeologists and biological anthropologists search for clues about how we got here, while cultural and linguistic anthropologiststravel the world on a quest to understand the richness of human diversity. Anthropology encourages and inspires us to reflect on what it means to be human, past and present, so that we might envision our future.

Join us for the adventure!


Our faculty are leading scholars who teach at all levels, from introductory courses to graduate seminars. Our professors have been featured in National Geographic, the New York Times, Nova, and Scientific American.

Anthropology Club

It’s not just about going to class! We have pizza and movie nights, dinner at local restaurants, go camping, visit Chicago museums, and host seminars and research presentations. And, we dig!

Field Work

Have you interviewed a monk in Cambodia? Excavated a Roman house or combed through a medieval castle’s remains? Have you taken oral histories from Filipino Americans in Hawaii? Our students have! Summer field schools in the U.S. and abroad provide exciting experiences in all aspects of anthropology.

Student Oriented

Student engagement = big benefits! You’ll have access to top professors, excellent field schools and a working museum. And, you’ll be able to get into the classes you need.

Museum Experience

Anthropology MuseumThe museum offers students the opportunity to work directly with anthropological collections of more than 12,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects. Our collections emphasize Southeast Asia, but include textiles, baskets, and ceramics from throughout the world. Students can conduct original research, apply what they’ve learned in anthropology, and participate in behind-the-scenes museum work.

students with monks "I've learned languages, I've traveled to Southeast Asia and other places. It's been a wonderful experience, like when you were a kid and you'd say, 'I want to be an adventurer and know about different experiences.' That's what anthropology allows you to do." - Ryan Keller, Graduate Student

What can I do with this degree?

Anthropology is the only contemporary discipline that combines the historical, biological, cultural and linguistic aspects of human life. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that employment in this field will grow at a faster-than-average rate through 2020.

Anthropology prepares students for exciting 21st Century careers involving our increasingly multicultural world and global economy. Careers include teaching, marketing, community service, research, and cultural resources or nonprofit management.

Corporations are increasingly relying on anthropological research to connect with consumers. Understanding consumer behavior allows them to respond to consumer wants and needs, acquire new customers, and make strategic decisions about market expansion. CocaCola, General Motors, Intel, Pepsi, and Whirlpool are just a few of the leading companies that employ anthropologists.

Degree Information

Undergraduate students majoring in anthropology may obtain either a B.A. or a B.S. degree. Either degree may be obtained with honors and can be used to gain certification to teach social sciences at the junior and senior high school level. Students can also minor in anthropology, which should be of special interest to students in art history, biological sciences, business management, foreign languages and literature, geology, humanities, social sciences, and visual communications. For those who wish to pursue advanced coursework, the department also offers a graduate degree in anthropology.

Who Majors in Anthropology?

Major Requirements(36-37 hours)

Minor Requirements
(18 hours)

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