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The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning offers a variety of teaching and technology consultation services for NIU faculty and staff. Contact the center for more information on our available services.

We offer a variety of individualized support for teaching and incorporating technology into teaching. Individual consultations are available for NIU faculty, instructors, graduate teaching assistants, and staff.

Learn more about our individualized support services

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are small groups of faculty and instructors who meet regularly throughout the semester or year about a specific topic related to teaching and learning.

Learn more about our faculty learning communities

Classroom observation involves a CITL consultant observing faculty teaching in the classroom, analyzing related activities, and providing feedback for improvement.

Learn more about our classroom observations

The Course Design Partnership is a model of ongoing partnership and consultation between a member of our CITL team and a faculty member, instructor, or other individual tasked with developing a course.

Learn more about our course design partnerships

We provide online program and course development, professional development, and related support resources for online teaching and learning.

Learn more about our online teaching and learning support services

One Button Video Studio (OBVS) is a simplified, automated video recording studio, housed in the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning building.

Learn more about our One Button Video Studio

Multimedia Studio is a reservable room in CITL featuring a high performance desktop computer (Windows) and popular multimedia design and development software, as well as a few configurable options for more complex multimedia projects such as podcasts and audio interviews with staff assistance.

Learn more about our Multimedia Studio

In this pilot program during fall 2022, aligned to our HLC Quality Initiative and university goals for student success and student experience, we will provide faculty with scaffolded support to improve student success in the gateway course(s) they are teaching. We will provide timely reminders and suggestions at pivotal points in the semester of specific, actionable strategies they can use in your teaching practice to support student success without compromising academic rigor.

Learn more about our Scaffolded Support for Teaching Gateway Courses

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