Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Emphasis
  • Biomedical Engineering Emphasis

B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Manufacturing Systems Emphasis
  • Health Systems Emphasis
  • Engineering Management Emphasis

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 
Also available at Rock Valley College

  • Advanced Computing and Simulation Emphasis
  • Mechatronics and Robotics Emphasis
  • Sustainable Energy Emphasis

B.S. in Technology

  • Electrical Engineering Technology Emphasis
  • Industrial Management and Technology Emphasis
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology Emphasis
  • Energy and Environmental Technology Emphasis
  • Applied Manufacturing Technology Emphasis

BS-AMT in Technology (online)

  • Applied Manufacturing Technology Emphasis

B.S. in Engineering or Technology and J.D. Law Degree

Integrated B.S/M.S. Degree Sequence (ELE, ISYE, ME)