Corporate Scholars Program

Invest in your company's future.

Our Corporate Scholars Program gives you the opportunity to transform the educational experience of our most promising students. By providing financial assistance, mentorship and real-world learning opportunities, you can help students grow into professionals ready for dynamic, successful careers.

The students you sponsor will build active working relationships with your company and help you extend your brand on our campus. By investing in our students, you'll strengthen the engineering and engineering technology workforce, and guide our most accomplished graduates to your company. Join us today to:

  • Encourage students to pursue engineering and engineering technology careers.
  • Increase recruitment of promising students to internships and full-time employment.
  • Promote collaboration between academia and industry to reduce costs and meet workplace needs.
  • Connect education with corporate research, innovation and economic development.

Sponsor a Scholar

Your company's $10,000 investment (payable in $2,500 installments over four years) sponsors a student and provides program support. The sponsored student engages in paid internships and acts as your ambassador on campus.

For more information, contact Josh Muller at or 815-753-1910.

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