E-PRIDE Mentorship Program


The E-Pride Mentorship Program exists at two levels. Freshmen and sophomore students or new transfers will be paired with highly active junior or senior students in good standing. The chairs of each department will monitor the program and meet with mentors and mentees regularly in order to facilitate the relationships.

Junior and senior students who willingly mentor lower division students will have the chance to be paired with alumni or corporate mentor. The programs seek to connect qualified engineering and engineering technology students with our corporate partners to ensure experiential learning opportunities, academic success and career readiness.

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

Student involvement

  • Freshmen and sophomore students will be paired with highly active juniors, seniors, and graduate students in good academic standing
  • Juniors and seniors who participate as mentors will be eligible for a corporate mentor 
  • Freshmen and sophomore students can sign up at any time 
  • The associate dean's office will work together with the chair of your department to pair you with a mentor

How it works for the mentor

  • Mentors must attend a mentor training workshop offered at the beginning of the semester
  • Mentors will meet with mentees throughout the semester. The chair of your department will host social gatherings and touch base with you regularly
  • Mentors will be available to help guide your mentee through the experience of being an engineering or engineering technology student

How it works for the mentee

  • You will get to know your mentor through social gatherings, work on research, get-together hosted by the chair of your department and more
  • You should reach out to your mentor with questions about engineering, homework, life at NIU, internships, etc. 

How to become a mentee

Contact Gary Smith in the Office of Outreach & Diversity at gsmith8@niu.edu or 815-753-1690 to get started.

Upper Division Students to Corporate Mentorship

Junior and senior involvement

  • Juniors and seniors in good academic standing, who mentor lower division students, are eligible for pairing 

Corporate/Alumni involvement

  • Face-to-face meeting must occur at least once a semester
  • Mentors should do their best to facilitate the pairing of an internship opportunity for the student
  • Speak with your student monthly via phone or email 
  • Nurture students towards personal growth and workplace preparedness

How to become a mentor

If you are an alumnus or a friend of the college, and you wish to participate, please email Gary Smith (gsmith8@niu.edu) and he will connect you with a student. Each mentorship relationship will depend upon the parties involved. 

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