Career Outlook

Despite advanced automation that reduced the need for assembly line workers, manufacturers need specialized workers to maintain, refine, and innovate the manufacturing process. In 2014, Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute conducted a study that estimated 3.5 million manufacturing openings would be created between 2015 and 2025 - and 2 million would go unfilled due to the skills gap.

Study findings include:

  • 84 percent of executives surveyed agreed there is a talent shortage in U.S. manufacturing
  • 80 percent of companies are willing to pay more than market rate in talent areas reeling from talent shortages
  • Six out of 10 open skilled production jobs are unfilled due to the skills gap 

See more of the study's findings here.

“I received an immediate raise once my degree was completed. More importantly, when we had a slowdown, it gave me a major advantage in securing a new job.”

Carl Whitehouse, '08